5 Best Curtain Rods (2022 Reviews)

When shopping for curtain rods, you must consider your style, budget, and the product’s durability and quality. This Old House Reviews Team reviewed Amazon’s top five curtain rods. This review will help you choose the right product for your home. These products are available at local home centers and online retailers like Amazon.

Curtains can block the sun and keep people out of your home. A reliable and sturdy curtain rod is necessary to hang curtains. The This Old House Reviews Team reviewed the top curtain rods available on Amazon to help you choose the right rod. These are our top five recommendations.

What customers are saying

Customers who were satisfied with the product said it was practical and effective without sacrificing style. It was also very sturdy compared to other curtain rods. Some customers complained that the mounting system was defective, and some received the package without all the parts.

Customers loved this curtain rod for its sleek and modern design. Customers also appreciated the ease of installation. Customers who were not satisfied with the structure of the rod complained about problems with the screws. Some arrived late, and others broke during installation. Several customers complained that their curtain rods weren’t made from metal but were made of plastic.

Most reviewers were satisfied with the rod’s appearance, ease of use, and installation. A few customers complained that the rod could not be adjusted to the length advertised. A few reviewers said their screwdriver couldn’t access the top screw because of the wall mount.

Customers who were happy with the curtain rod said it was intense, especially considering the price. Many customers were dissatisfied that they didn’t receive all the necessary parts for mounting. Some customers complained that the rod was not strong enough to support heavy curtains.


There are many sizes of curtain rods. The most popular ones are 0.625 inches, one inch, and 1.125 inches. While a thicker rod is more robust and can hold heavier curtains, it will also be visible.


Most curtain rods measure between 12 to 144 inches in length. There are two options: rods that can be cut to a single size or rods with adjustable heights. While they are more robust, one-length rods offer less flexibility when it comes to which windows they can be used. Curtain rods that have an adjustable length work well on all windows in your home. However, they can fall if they are too long.


There are many types of curtain rods. Most are made from metal, wood, or plastic. The most popular and most durable rods are made of metal. You can also match your interior design with wooden rods.


Before you buy a curtain rod, make sure to look at the style and color.


Brackets or other support hardware will be required to attach your curtain rod to the wall. Some curtain rods include mounting accessories. Others require that you purchase the hardware individually.