5 Top Considerations When Painting Your Roof in Auckland

There aren’t many things that enhance the look of a home house more than a nice-looking roof. Simple such as applying a coat of paint to your roof can make your home appear more attractive and increase its appearance on the road (and the likelihood of selling it). In addition an expertly done repaint will safeguard the roofing materials in your house and extend the lifespan of your roof.

This article will provide information on the top five considerations to consider when you paint your roofing in Auckland:

  • Safety
  • Style of neighborhoods and house
  • Climate
  • Preparation
  • Cleanliness


This is the first item in our list of five essential considerations to take into account for painting your roofing in Auckland due to the fact that a lot of people are a bit sloppy regarding the safety precautions required for roof painting in Auckland.

The process of painting on the roofing of your home requires working on ladders and at a height, usually near the edge or the top. For the task of painting a roof it is essential to have the appropriate personal protection equipment. This goes beyond protective clothes. A skilled roof painter is aware of the risks and will typically install safety scaffolding on the roofing or use a harness. It is not a plan to fall or slip however it could happen quickly.

Furthermore, repairs or painting any roofing system for residential use should not be attempted while it’s raining, even if it is simply spitting. Even the tiniest amount of rain on a roof may cause the roof to become extremely slippery, and could lead to a catastrophe.

In the end, measures should be made to make sure that that pets and children are not kept from the paint area to minimize the chance of accidents. This is especially important for children who might be enticed to climb up a ladder or climb up a scaffolding.

The benefit of employing an experienced roof painter that they’ve considered security and health guidelines and have insurance for liability in the event that it is required.

Style of home and neighborhood

The most important thing for homeowners considering painting their roofs of their house is color. It’s not as easy as you may believe. The color you pick should complement the design of your house and the neighborhood it’s a part of.

In our role as Auckland residential painters, we are often met with odd requests. Sometimes, we need to remind our clients that repainting the roof of a home can alter its appearance depending on the hue that changes. The change could be positive or negative.

The majority of designers recommend choosing neutral colors for roofing. If you are looking to stand out, consider employ brighter hues on the inside of your home.

A skilled house painter can provide some suggestions and guidelines but, if you’re in need of guidance on your decorating needs, it’s best to consult a professional color consultant.


Most homeowners don’t realize how much the hue of their roofs can impact the temperature inside their homes ceiling cavity and, consequently the temperature inside the home.

A roof that is painted in dark colors will absorb heat, resulting in a rise in the temperature inside the home. This is why darker shades are best for areas with cooler climates.

In contrast, if you reside in a hot climate the lighter color of your roof that reflects the heat will likely be a better option.


Whatever surface you’re painting, outside or inside the most important thing to achieve an outstanding and lasting outcome is a thorough preparation. When you paint the roofing of your home do not think that painting over rust dirt, or other damage will erase the imperfections. A new coat of roofing paint can conceal the spots for a few days, but eventually they will appear once more.

Before painting a roof the roof must first be cleaned. There are many cleaning products available such as pressure cleaning equipment and other products. Be aware regarding working on roofs in the event of rain. The best way to clean the roof is to hire an expert roofing painter, or a roof cleaner complete the task.

When your roof is cleaned it is able to be examined for any damages or rust, or indications of leaks. This should be addressed before painting can begin.

The majority of professional roof painters in Auckland will manage the complete cleaning as well as repair and repainting. This means that you receive great results in the very first attempt!


The fifth of the essential considerations, when you paint the roof of your home in Auckland, is related to the cleanliness. It’s easy to see your roof as pretty far from the sight of those on the ground, so the slightest amount of spray or drips won’t necessarily matter. In reality that in the majority of cases of residential roofing painting, the color of the roof will be darker than the house or the other painted surfaces around. This means that a poor paint job, or an over-sprayed on painted edges will be visible from an in-depth distance.

Before beginning the task of repainting your roof take a look at the best way to keep the your surrounding areas and painting work free of paint. Use the same method of care as you would when painting a room in your house.

The store where you bought your paint will offer an array of masking tapes and paper and boards to stop the paint from splashing onto your walls and windows. A professional Auckland roofing painter will have all the equipment required and expertise to provide an impeccable, safe, and elegant paint job.