Keep it bright and light

The first rule of decorating small spaces is that lighter colors will make the room appear larger. This nautical vignette is an excellent example of how neutral tones can be used in various ways. Cream-colored yarn stockings? Check. Check. Check. Ivory-colored candles? Check.

Add A Touch Of Twinkle

It’s time to shine! The warm glow from this wreath will add a festive feel to any room. With the right plug-ins, your Christmas wreath will be illuminated, whether adorned with red, gold, or neutral hues.


The saying goes, “If you have it, flaunt your wealth.” These words are especially true for those who must learn to make the most of a small area. Inspired by Charm’s Michael Wurm Jr.’s dramatic garland can be used to add impact to a stairway, media console, or floating wall shelf. This festive red and green scene is styled with LED lights. Vintage Christmas cards are used to create the garland. Two garlands are added for a “full effect.”


Mirrors can do many things. Tall mirrors not only draw the eye up, but they also reflect, giving the impression of a larger space. Place your evergreen tree in front of the mirror to double its cheer.

A Winter Bouquet

Every inch counts when you want to go glam in your small home. Instead of struggling to fit a traditional Christmas tree into your apartment, opt for this Scandinavian woodland arrangement. Joanna Hawley McBride, Jojotastic, describes how she gathered noble firs, blue ice cypresses, ponderosas, and tallow-berries, then arranged them all in a faceted geometric vase. Bring the outdoors inside!

Decorate your lifestyle to reflect the decor you choose

No need to sacrifice your personality just for a few inches of extra space. If a tree interferes with your kitchen sink ability, you should decorate the corners and crannies. This festive kitchen is a great example. It has mini red tree cones and holiday mugs. And (for a dramatic touch) evergreen garlands with decorative snowflakes, baubles, and ornaments. The result? The result?


Others dream of a beautiful Christmas. This cozy bedroom is a success with a few simple touches–an above-bed wreath and tartan pillows (linens compliments Lark & Linen), which don’t require furniture rearranging. We’re bringing the holiday spirit into the house tonight, whether or not it’s snowing outside the window.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Take inspiration from a data-vars-ga-call to action= “Hank and Hunt” data-vars/ga/outbound link= “ easy DIY paper bow for your holiday bar cart” Add a touch of holiday style to your apartment’s favorite spot (or mansion if you live in one). Take inspiration from Hank & Hunt. You’ll impress your guests with cranberry stems, whimsical candlesticks, and a faux fur rug. Let’s drink to that.


Color is the best way to create a festive atmosphere in a small space. Add a few colorful pieces to your neutral home. They will make it pop. Kelly Smith argues for a pink tree with black, white, and gold ornaments and a matching stand that would look great in any apartment.

Dress up the Chairs

You can jazz up your furniture to make it look festive without taking up extra space. Burnett’s Boards gives wooden dining chairs a festive touch with a neutral ribbon and a small wreath.

Give your shelves a seasonal makeover

A few simple elements can take your decor from “everyday to magical” if you prefer monochromatic designs. This cheery bookcase features a line-up of wooden houses, golden reindeer, and micro trees to create a winter wonderland on a simple shelf.


The fireplace becomes the center of attention in your living room during winter. Decorate your mantel with garland, candles, and chic mini-trees, as this home is featured in Craftberry Bush.

Make your cards part of your decor

Are you overwhelmed with holiday cards? Use a few favorite books to decorate your bookshelf to make it festive.


Hang these simple snowflakes made from cardstock to make the most of your height when you lack width. These lightweight snowflakes don’t require nails. Grab the tape and climb up a ladder for an easy installation.

Make a Candle Holder

Get creative with a candle holder to show off your creativity. Wrap your candles with pine cones and garland to create a festive look to impress guests.


This easy-to-make craft by Sugar & Cloth can be placed on a desk, a nightstand, or a window sill. This uber-simple craft from Sugar & Cloth is perfect for saving space. It can be used on a table, a nightstand, or a window sill.


Keep your decor minimalistic with a wreath made of only enough leaves. Freckle and Wulff made this wreath using a metal hanging circle, twine, and an assortment of greenery and flowers, such as eucalyptus leaves, holly, ivy, and baby’s breath.

Make Your Wrapping Paper the Decor

It’s a great way to bring the holiday spirit indoors. This These Four Walls gift wrap idea shows how to add a few sprigs or festive foliage on brown paper and twine to get the season’s bounty indoors.

Use Place Cards as Decor

Place them on your settings if you do not have the space to scatter wreaths around your home. Camille Styles created these adorable place cards simply by tying rosemary sprigs onto mini grapevine wreaths.

Swap your everyday decor

Change what you have instead of buying more. You can, for example, replace your regular throw pillows with holiday-themed ones. You’ll have the same amount of space but more holiday cheer.