Checklist for Kitchen Decluttering -Things to Get Rid of Right Now

The kitchen, as the hub of social activity in many modern homes, can become incredibly cluttered.

A decluttering checklist will make it much easier to cook midweek meals and keep up with daily cleaning.

If you do it right, organizing your kitchen is so much simpler. You’re all set to clean out your kitchen. Bin bags are at the ready. What’s the first step?

Kitchen Decluttering Checklist

Continue reading for a decluttering therapy session. Don’t forget to invest in the top kitchen organizers after you have completed the decluttering of countertops, drawers, and cabinets.


Interiors therapist and Homes & Gardens feng shui specialist Suzanne Roynon recommends removing anything damaged, chipped or broken. Take care of any coffee cups, bowls, or plates that are damaged. It would be best if you also fixed any wooden cutting boards that are cracked or split.

It’s never a good idea to use crockery that is clearly past its prime. Cracked pottery can also be a health hazard. Broken items can reflect.


You may not use your air fryer nearly as much as you expected. A multi-functional instant pot is a good alternative. It can replace bulky appliances such as your pressure cooker or slow cooker.


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Suzanne also encourages her customers to throw away very old, uncoated aluminum pans dating from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Decluttering should include items with damaged, non-stick surfaces.


I promise that you don’t really need five tin openers. Suzanne says to donate all items of good quality. Cutting boards are also something we tend to hoard. Although you may want to have different colors for meat, fish, and vegetables, you should pass on any you don’t use. You can also get rid of extra baking trays and bottle openers.

Clean Products Under the Sink

Is the cabinet under your sink bursting with sprays for all purposes and disinfectants? Streamline the collection to make this awkward area more functional. Keep them out of the reach of children if you have any. Cleaning supplies can be organized more easily once the old ones are thrown out.

What should you not throw out in the kitchen?

Suzanne Roynon says that you should keep something if it is useful, necessary, or loved.Decluttering sentimental objects is difficult, but Caroline Roberts says that the kitchen would be a great place to showcase one or two pieces. She says that she loves to include sentimental items when working with her clients. I have salt and Pepper Shakers that belonged to my grandparents.

‘I store them in a cabinet that is frequently used, so they do not clutter up the counter, but I can see them every day. You may have a platter, cast-iron pan, or cutting board that reminds you of special memories. Use it, and display it if you can!

How do I clean up a messy kitchen?

Caroline suggests that you break down the project into smaller pieces. Kitchens contain many thousands of items and can seem overwhelming. Think of your kitchen in smaller categories: Food, items you use to eat, things you use to cook, and everything else.Another issue I see is when people begin organizing their kitchen without first decluttering the area. When you get rid of clutter, managing is much easier and more enjoyable. You will first declutter each subcategory and then type it.