Cooling Pillows of 2023 for Every Sleep Position, According to Testing

It’s not a good feeling to wake up sweaty or flip your pillow over to reach a a more cool side. There are pillows designed specifically to help you stay cool. The most effective cooling pillows will keep you comfortable through the night by controlling the body’s temperature and taking away water.

“The fabric, or combination of fabrics, in a well-made pillow or cover keeps you cool and dry,” says Mary Helen Rogers, vice director of marketing and communications for The Better Sleep Council. “It regulates temperature and prevents moisture from piling between your pillow and your face.”

If you’re in the market to replace pillows, this list includes many choices for keeping cool when you sleep. To create this list of the top, more astonishing pads for cooling, we looked into the topic. We tested 28 pillows each night for two weeks, testing their filling material, support, firmness, and cooling technology to determine our recommended products.

Coop Sleep Goods The Eden Pillow

Our top overall choice would be Coop Home Goods The Eden pillow. This excellent mattress scored top marks in quality, durability, comfort, and airflow temperature in our tests. It also scored highly in terms of quality. However, it did not receive an A+ rating because there was a faint smell that a stomach sleeping partner noticed.

The pillow is breathable and features a soft outer cover that feels cool even with an ordinary pillowcase. It was more comfortable than the other pillows we tested since it’s got gel in the entire pillow instead of only in the middle of the pillows. Our test subject didn’t need to turn it over overnight and didn’t wake up hot or sweaty.

“I never have to flip my pillow, which is still the most impressive thing,” our test subject said. “I used to flip my pillow multiple times a night, and three months in using this one, I still haven’t needed to.”

Whatever type of sleep you prefer, it is essential to have comfort when it comes to the best pillows for cooling, and this one is praised for its adjustable filling. The fill is also provided with directions on the amount to change or take out according to the preferred position for sleeping preferences, allowing you to customize your pillow to give you the most comfy experience.

A pillow that will last even after many washes is crucial. According to our tests, the one we tested by Coop is machine washable and continues to fluff after being removed from the dryer. While it’s more expensive than other pillows we’ve tried, the performance and quality place this pillow at the top of our list.

Himoon Cooling Pillows

If you’re searching for the most effective cooling pillows at reasonable prices, then the Himoon Set of 2 is a good option. Apart from being a budget-friendly choice, These cooling pillows scored well in quality and durability. They remained in their loft and shape after being washed. They could be easily re-fluffed by putting them into the drying machine. Our test subject was impressed that the pillows appeared fresh after washing.

Compared to other pillows we’ve tested, They don’t feel fantastic on the skin. However, they have adequate airflow, which can help to maintain a pleasant temperature at night. They are soft and comfortable with a soft, comfortable cover, the firmness of the pillow, and its high loft. While using the pad for testing, we didn’t get up with discomfort or discomfort.

The pillows come in a vacuum-sealed container, and you’ll have to spread them over several days before they expand.

Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow

Its Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow can reduce neck pain when you sleep. When tested, The pillow scored high for its quality, comfort, and durability. It also has an excellent worth. Additionally, it includes a free fill bag that allows you to quickly fill it with or remove it according to your preference for comfort.

Nest Bedding recommends the quantity of fill you should take or leave depending on whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper. You can adjust the amount to suit your comfort level. After initially adhering to the guidelines not to take out the fillings for sleepers on the sides, the tester experienced some discomfort. But, the tester did not experience neck pain after changing the filling.

This pillow comes with a cushion that is breathable and soft. It aids in controlling the body’s temperature. However, we noticed that it isn’t cooler when used with an actual pillowcase. The pillow holds its shape (even when washed) and is shaped to fit your sleep habits. It’s possible to notice that the pillow is a bit stiff initially, but it will adapt to your sleep style as time passes.

“My favorite thing about this pillow is it has not worn down yet,” said our test participant. “It still forms to you, but you can fluff it back out and it looks brand new and the stuffing bounces back.”

Saatva Latex Pillow

This soft pillow from Saatva scored perfect marks in quality and durability. It is made of a hypoallergenic, natural latex core that is shredded for neck and head support. This inner pillow can be filled wandro denier fibers similar to down, and a soft cover for the pillow can be made from organiis c cotton.

Our test subjects said it felt and looked like a luxurious hotel cushion. No loose seams, unruly threads, or unpleasant odors enhanced its elegant appeal.

While testing, we found this pillow more suitable for side and back sleepers. If you like sleeping with your back, finding the right angle for your neck could be a challenge as the pillow is exceptionally high.

Our test subjects have also received mixed feedback on how excellent the airflow that comes from this pillow is. One test participant said that he never felt hot when using it, while another user said that the bottom of the pad was slightly hot at night. While the cover can be washed in the washing machine, it, took several cycles to dry out during the tests.

If you’re searching for an alternative to the down or memory foam, and you do not mind paying a premium cost, this pillow is ideal for side or back sleepers.