Experts in pest control reveal how to eliminate gnats using white vinegar

Gnats can be a nuisance in the home. Although they may not cause much damage, they can still be an annoyance in your kitchen or on your houseplants.

Pest control experts show you how to eliminate gnats using this pantry staple.

While you can purchase gnat traps on the internet, few are as simple and effective as using white vinegar.

How to Get Rid of Gnats with White Vinegar

Vinegar is the best way to get rid of fruit flies, which are the most common gnats in our homes. However, vinegar won’t work as well for fungus gnats. The most common gnats in our homes are fruit flies. However, vinegar will not work for fungus gnats.

The term “gnats” is a general term for a wide variety of small flies. These “gnats,” however, are often not attracted by vinegar traps. They may also not be breeding around the home’s kitchen only if your pest control specialist identifies the “gnats” as adult fruit flies. Can vinegar traps be used to catch them?

Fruit flies look like small brown houseflies with wings and rounded bodies.

Create a White Vinegar Trap

It is also the easiest way to get rid of fungus gnats. This method can be used to eliminate fungus gnats.

Tom Dobrinska is an entomologist and pest control expert. He says that to make a vinegar trap, you should add white vinegar in a transparent dish and then cover it with a layer of Saran Wrap. Add a spoonful of sugar if you want to make the trap more attractive. With a sharp pencil, make several small holes in the wrap and place it near the area where the flies buzz.

Tom explains that the holes at the top of the trap will let adults in but not out. There are commercial vinegar traps, too. These will eliminate fruit flies, one by one.

This pre-made fruit fly trap will help you catch gnats faster without the need to make your trap. Fill these traps with vinegar or the bait that comes with them, and watch as the gnats see themselves.

Solve the problem with a spray solution.

Sholom Rosenbloom is the owner and pest control expert of Rosenbloom Pest Control. He suggests a spray solution of white vinegar and equal parts water to be added to a vinegar trap to eliminate gnats that are flying in the air and landing on surfaces.

Sholom explains that persistent spraying will repel gnats and discourage them from coming back. After spraying, wipe away any residue on walls or countertops to avoid attracting gnats.

Sholom Rosenbloom, a pest-control expert and owner at Rosenbloom Pest Control of Baltimore, MD, is an expert in pest control. The family-owned business, which is comprised of professionals who are trained in pest control, was voted the top local business for Maryland 2021 after providing top pest management services for more than 23 years.


Cleaning with White Vinegar can help prevent gnats from entering your house.

He advises: ‘Clean your kitchen surfaces, including counters, sinks, and other characters, regularly with white vinegar. This will remove sticky food residues and cooking smells, which may attract gnats to find a breeding site.


Marc McDermott explains that white vinegar has two main benefits for killing gnats. White vinegar has a strong smell that is very attractive to gnats, flies, and other insects.

He explains that the acetic acid mimics the smells of fermented substances and overripe fruit. This smell is a natural food source for gnats. It tricks them into drowning in the liquid.

Marc continues, “On the subject of lethality the acid breaks down their exoskeleton.” This causes them to die and dehydrate. This is a great non-toxic solution for the home.

Experts suggest that some vinegars are more effective than others. “Apple cider vinegar will attract gnats more than white vinegar. Both are effective, however,” says Megan Wede, a pest expert at Done Right Pest Solutions. This vinegar is sweeter and more appealing to passing flies.

This white vinegar, specially formulated with 6% acidity, can be used to clean your home as well as kill pests. It is the perfect addition to your cleaning cupboard.

You can easily identify and eliminate the flies that are infesting your home. It is often easier to stop flies from coming into your home if you treat the source.

Overripe Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit flies are named for their natural attraction towards fermented or overripe fruit and vegetables. These are not only perfect food sources but also ideal places to breed and lay eggs. Marc McDermott is a pest control expert and says that any old fruits or vegetables lying around your house are fertile ground for fruit flies.

Poor Sanitation

Cleaning your kitchen will help to maintain food safety and prevent pests. You may be unknowingly attracting gnats to your kitchen if you’ve neglected to mop the floor or have left a sticky mess on a counter or in a cabinet.

Megan Wede is a pest control expert. She says that fruit flies will also be attracted to drains or garbage disposals. The vinegar will kill the organic matter and give your home a fresher scent.

You can use our guides on how you should clean your garbage disposal and how to clean kitchen sink drains.

Damp Cloths

The use of reusable dishcloths or towels is not without its downside. They need to be washed thoroughly and frequently to remove bacteria and keep them hygienic. The smell and organic matter that develops on the clothes can attract gnats if you don’t wash them regularly.

If you have ever smelled a dishrag left over in the middle of your kitchen sink, it will probably smell gross and musty. Megan Wede, a pest expert, explains that this is the smell of organic material growing on a dish rag. Fruit flies are drawn to the scent of organic material since they consume it.