Home decor ideas – 47 chic interior design schemes

These home decor ideas will help you update your entire home, add seasonal touches, or change your color scheme with a new accent color.

We have gathered expert tips, ideas, and inspiration from the Homes & Gardens Team and interior designers to ensure your home decor will last.

We have covered every room in the house… and will continue to add more inspiration for home decor so you can perfect your Interior Design skills.

Home Decor Ideas

These rooms and the accompanying expert advice are perfect for anyone looking for decorating tips or simple ideas that will make your home feel beautiful and comfortable.

Decorate Your Home For Coziness

Jen Ebert, Homes & Gardens Deputy Editor (Digital), says there are many reasons to search for cozy room ideas. There are many ideas to make your house cozy, whether to welcome fall or create a comfortable, warm space.

The room above includes the wood framing on the wall, which complements the coffee table. This consists of the wood framing that complements the coffee table, the texture of wall ideas, and ceiling designs.

Get Your Home Seasonally Updated

You can change your entryway’s color regularly if you decorate your house for each season. It’s unnecessary to decorate the entire room – repainting one or two walls in a color that matches the season’s mood will make a big difference.

Sarah Spiteri is the Editorial Director of Homes & Gardens. It’s a room everyone in the house sees, from family members to guests. And it gets quite a bit of use, so you’ll need to paint it at least twice a year.

Sarah Spiteri, Editorial Director at Homes & Gardens as well as Livingetc. Sarah Spiteri and her husband renovate houses and apartments together. She has a career dedicated to writing about interiors and is well-qualified to advise on home décor. Sarah loves minimalist spaces, natural materials, and handmade crafts.

Decorate Your Home For Wellbeing

We are increasingly searching for happy Room Ideas to make our homes look great and feel good.

Sarah Spiteri says it’s hard to pinpoint the best happy room ideas because what satisfies one person may not make another. However, color experts and well-being specialists agree that uncluttered spaces with plenty of natural textures and a hint of yellow will appeal to most people’s senses.

Bring Light Into Your Rooms

Jo Bailey, Homes & Gardens Deputy Editor (Print) and stylist says that ensuring a room is as bright as possible is essential to achieving success in home décor. This will, of course, mean daylight. It will make a space feel warmer, bigger, and more inviting. This can be improved by decluttering your home, removing bulky curtains, and using light colors.

“But equal attention should also be paid to artificial lighting: This means ensuring that each room has an equal mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting in every space. If you can, never rely solely on an overhead bulb.

Prioritize Storage and Organization

You can only make your home decor ideas shine if storage solutions or home organization ideas are optimized, especially when organizing small areas.

Sarah Spiteri says that in her experience renovating and remodeling city homes, it is essential to have built-in storage to utilize every inch of the space. If you can make the storage multi-functional or dual-purpose, that’s even better. This is an excellent example, as the window seat hides a lot of storage underneath.

Focus on the Heart of the Home

We’ve already said that home decor isn’t about how a house looks but rather how it makes you, and this is based on how you use it. Which room is your family’s favorite? The kitchen diner or the family room? The family room? Does it have the potential to be better? Could you make the interior more inviting and friendly by improving its home decor?

The layout and seating of the room are equally important. Sectional ideas for living rooms arranged around a coffee table and a rug are as likely to create a welcoming, inviting space as island seating in the kitchen, allowing the chef to participate in the conversation. What is the other element of home decor to concentrate on? The room’s color: As we’ve said, warmer colors are more inviting and encourage you to stay.

Subtle detailing lifts a neutral scheme

Anyone looking to add color and interest to their room ideas will love the simple addition of gold to the shelf structure. Subtlety is the key.

Charu Gandhi, interior designer and owner of Elicyon (opens in a new tab) agency says that a neutral must be paired with other materials for it to sing’. I also love pairing them with woolen and suede rugs. For decorative elements, ceramics, colored glass, and clay are all great options.

Paint Window Frames a Bold Accent Shade

You don’t have to use accessories only. You can also use paint.

Melanie Griffiths is the Editor of period living magazine (opens in a new tab) and a regular Homes & Gardens contributor.

Choose terracotta, a warm color that is on trend. This scheme was created by Dado Studio (opens in a new tab) and sunny yellow for uplifting the room on gloomy days.

Add Faux Panelling To Max Architectural Interest

Wall paneling ideas can take many forms. They range from period-inspired features to modern lookalikes and even more innovative treatments. Irene Gunter, the interior designer at Gunter & Co (opens in a new tab), created this living room with faux paneling using simple, framed wallpaper panels. The sofa is perfectly positioned under the board. The central panel creates a pleasing symmetry, which is only enhanced by the painting.