How to declutter your small kitchen with ease – 5 simple ways to optimize your cooking area

Small kitchens can be expected to hold a lot of stuff, and if they are not properly organized, this can quickly become clutter. In this case, the size is not important. Decluttering a small space is key to maintaining and creating a functional, neat, and tidy kitchen.

To achieve this goal, you must acknowledge that organizing a small kitchen is not enough. Simply clearing the clutter will not do. You’ll also need to be smart with your ideas for small kitchen storage if you want the space to work well.

If you do this correctly, it could lead to a significant improvement in your cooking… but we can’t promise that! The experts have shared their tips on how to declutter your small kitchen.

How to Declutter a Small Kitchen

Before you start, think about the way you actually use your home’s kitchen. If your cooking goals are grand, but you actually use the kitchen for quick weekday meals, coffee breaks, and occasional cookie baking. It’s best to prioritize these items above expensive appliances, cookware, and utensils.

It’s amazing how little is needed to run a functional kitchen. When you are happy to use a small range of essential equipment, it is easier to declutter.

Avoid the Big Clear-Out

Experts recommend that you begin by emptying all cabinets and drawers when organizing your kitchen. If you are organizing a tiny kitchen, this can make the process of decluttering a lot more difficult than necessary.

Many people begin a kitchen clean-out by removing all and placing it on the counters, but this will quickly fill up the space. Open the cabinets first and have a look at what’s inside. Do I need to keep that serving plate out all year? Could I replace it with a more useful item? Vicky Silverthorn, professional organizer and owner of You Need a Vicky, says, “Do I really need it?”

This will allow you to eliminate more early in the process. There’ll be less to sift through as you move forward. This is also a good way to declutter as you go. If it’s simple and doesn’t require too much disruption, you are more likely to keep doing it.

Deal with Duplicates

Duplicates are more difficult to discard, especially if the item is in good condition. It’s important to be strict. In a small space, this is not possible.

Let’s face it: who in the average household needs five spatulas or two measuring cups? Get rid of all the others and only keep the ones that you use the most. Karina Toner is the Operations Manager of Spekless Clean.

It’s wise to buy kitchen tools that serve more than one function. Does it actually require that egg slicer? Or the bagel cutter …? Both tasks can be performed by a knife.

You can slack a bit on things like mugs, cutlery, and crockery. However, in reality, you should only have enough for one or two daily meals, plus some spares. After all, you shouldn’t leave dirty dishes out! Consider borrowing from a neighbor or renting a set if you are worried about entertaining.

Karina works as the Operations Manager for Spekless Cleaning in Washington, D.C. The team has more than five years of experience in providing high-quality cleaning services to both residential and business clients. Karina oversees all aspects of the company, making sure that each client receives the same high-quality service.

Be a smart shopper when it comes to storing your things

We won’t force you to get rid of that expensive crockery that only comes out every year – after all, it’s YOUR home! If you want a clean, uncluttered kitchen, experts recommend that you find another place to store your crockery. Ideally, it would be best if you kept everything outside of the kitchen.

If space is limited, box it safely and store it elsewhere, such as a spare bedroom closet or the loft, to maximize your kitchen’s usability. If you are short on space, keep it in a box and move it to another location, like a bedroom closet or the loft. This will maximize your kitchen’s usability.

After you have gone through all the cupboards and drawers, Suzanne suggests reevaluating how you use your kitchen. Is your Coffee Maker close to the coffee cups? It would make sense to relocate the toaster in order to reduce congestion at the beginning of the day.

Have the confidence to make changes to your kitchen to fit in with your lifestyle. What worked in the past isn’t always the best solution for today!

Suzanne has been working in the corporate world and with charities for over 25 years. She uses her skills as a therapist, public speaker, and consultant to help people better understand their relationship with home and possessions.

Assess your appliances

appliances can be bulky and ugly. They are the bane of a small space. They end up on the counter because there is no storage.

It’s time to do a reassessment. Permit yourself to donate items that you won’t use, whether it’s an unwanted pasta machine or a spiralizer you haven’t used. It’s the same for any kitchen appliance, as long as it is in good condition.

Toula Adu, professional organizer and owner of BizzyBee Organization, says: ‘I keep a donation bin nearby when decluttering. Imagining where these items will go and who might be happy to receive them makes the decision process much easier.