Painting your home is a great way to increase its value, especially if it’s being sold.

Apart from increasing the property’s value, new paint can also make the house feel fresher and more inviting. A fresh coat of paint will also make it easier to show your home in the listing photos. It will conceal any imperfections.

You risk losing your personal property, investing in a fraudulent painting company, and frustration. It is important to hire painters who are skilled and will provide excellent customer service. Here are some ways to find house painters that will transform your house from a dingy, shabby mess into a stunning masterpiece.

I need amazing house painters. Where do I start?

Bad painters can leave toxic paint all over your dog or children’s property. They might do a poor job, paint your belongings, be late, or even abandon the job. It is important to find trusted house painters in wellington nz.

He said, “I discovered my painter about 10, 12 years ago from a client who had recently had their house painted. I was very happy with them. I tried them on one, then two, then three jobs, and now he does quite some work for us.”

The agent will have worked with painters for many years and will ensure that the person you hire is as professional and meticulous as their stellar services. Talk to a real estate agent if you are looking to hire great house painters, especially if the house was recently bought or is about to be sold.

There are several ways to find a trustworthy company to paint your house if your home purchase was long ago.

1. Refer a good house painter.

Try to get a recommendation from someone you trust and know. Ask family and friends for names of artists they have used and enjoyed.

You have the best chance to find a talented painter by visiting the place in person. There you can inspect the work and talk with your friend or relative about the quality and level of service.

2. Make the most of the power of the internet.

These are great resources to help you find trusted professionals if you can’t get a recommendation from someone you know.

  • Houzz has over 1.5 million home professionals. It customizes your search to suit your location and needs.
  • Angie’s list is an expert source for verified reviews and ratings across hundreds of categories
  • Yelp is a leading review site that presents unbiased reviews
  • Next door is a private social network that allows you to get honest reviews from your neighbors

Find house painters on Houzz.

Houzz, the home improvement and design website, will guide you in finding a house painter in your area who meets your needs.

You will be prompted to enter the platform:

  • Type of project (interior, exterior, cabinets, or deck).
  • What rooms do you want to paint?
  • It doesn’t matter if your home is furnished or occupied.
  • What surfaces are you painting?
  • Type of property
  • Current status of the project
  • You want to start the project
  • Your budget
  • Brief description of your project

Houzz then gives you the opportunity to share your project information to five local professionals in order to receive quotes.

Find house painters on Yelp.

It’s as simple as entering your address and typing “house painters” in the Yelp search box. Then, you can sort through the results. You can narrow down your search by using a more specific keyword, such as “house painters exterior.”

Here are some good guidelines for reading online reviews.

  • Just because a few people have negative reviews doesn’t mean that you should dismiss them. This could be an indication that the company isn’t wasting its time managing reputations or painting houses, but they are not posting fake reviews. If the majority of reviews are negative but also seem genuine, you should steer clear.
  • More reviews mean more weight. A larger sample size means a smaller margin of error. You will get a better idea of the company if there are more reviews.
  • Use photos and anecdotes. Be sure to include pictures and explanations. This kind of review is priceless. This is an example:

Search angie’s list for house painters.

Angie’s list allows you to view directories of top-rated home professionals in your local area. You will need to create an account and provide your personal information, including your address.

To be matched with top-rated house painters, you can also follow the steps. Angie’s list will request the following:

Your location

  • The number of rooms or areas to be painted
  • Your home can be occupied or furnished.
  • What rooms do you want to paint?
  • You can choose the surfaces that you wish to paint (ceilings or walls).
  • Status of the Project
  • Your timing
  • If you are painting a residential house
  • If you are painting a historical structure
  • You may be interested in financing
  • This section explains the project.
  • Your address

Next door – Ask about house painters.

You can request a referral for a house painter on Next door. This will be shared with all Next door members in your immediate area. As with a Facebook thread. Neighbors who have suggestions can respond to your request in the comments.

Next door is a great place to meet people.

3. Take a stroll around. 

If you haven’t found house painters that you like, take a walk around your local area to see if there are any houses in need of exterior renovation. You can either write down the number of your preferred company or ask one of our painters for a business card if you are interested in the job. Next, you will go online to research the company and ensure it is a good match.

Get an estimate on the paint job.

After you get a referral, preferably from a real estate agent, you will need to get an estimate on your property. Because your home is unique in terms of its floor plan, square footage, and design elements, the estimate will be tailored to you.

Home Advisor reports that the national average cost for exterior painting is $2,780. This ranges from $1,687 up to $3,905. It is best to estimate the cost of a painting job based on square footage and the number of stories. Home Advisor offers single-story homes 500-1000 square feet for $1,000 to $3,000, two-story homes at $1,500-$3,000 square feet at $3,000 to $4,500, and three-story houses 3,000-6,000 square feet for $4,500 and $4,500, respectively.

Home Advisor has estimated that the average cost for interior painting is $1,747, with prices ranging from $973 to $2,721. It will be cheaper to paint a few rooms than the entire house, but it is possible. Home Advisor estimates that a 10×12 room will cost between $380 and $790. This includes the cost of paint, trim work, and ceiling paint.

Talk to the house painters that you are interested in for a quote. They might want to walk through your house, take photos, and give you information about the square footage.

Refer to references and interview house painting companies.

How to find companies on the better business bureau

Once you receive a referral, the first thing you should do is search for the company in the Better Business Bureau. The BBB ensures that businesses are legitimate and trustworthy and provide excellent customer service.

You can complain about companies through BBB’s website. Also, you can rate and review the company. The company will also be given a rating based on 13 factors. You can also see whether the company has been accredited by the BBB.

Even if a company is rated 5 stars on Yelp, you should always check with the BBB. BBB rates different things than consumers. If you don’t check BBB first, you might end up with a top-rated company on Yelp but a poor rating on BBB.

What should you look for in the BBB?

  • BBB should have an A+ rating
  • BBB accreditation should be obtained by the company
  • Customer reviews should all be rated 5 stars, if there are any.
  • Verify that there have been no complaints against the company.

Interview questions for house painters to ask your agent/past customers.

Klaus shared the inside scoop on what to expect from house painters that you choose to work with. He shared his insights.

I judge vendors and painters based on their ability to handle challenges. There is value in how they present themselves to clients. How do they deal with the client experience? Did they arrive on time? Was the job completed in the time they promised? It’s all about meeting expectations. They set the expectation, and did they then meet them?

These are key questions to ask your agent, former clients, and friends/family members. Ask if the painters were considerate of clients’ time, space, belongings, and personal property. Also, ask whether they were precise, polite, detail-oriented, and attentive to detail.

Check that the painter is licensed.

State-by-state licensing for painters is different. Angie’s list has a comprehensive list of licensing requirements in every state. Check out the requirements specific to your state. This will give you an idea of what the company had to do to obtain its license.

Ask for the license number of the company that interests you or go to their website.

You may also find a site for your state where you can enter the license number and verify that it is valid.

Before you give the green light, make sure to evaluate the quality of your work.

Before you hire potential house painters to work on your home, it is important to assess their quality of work.

You can:

  • Ask for the addresses of the homes the painting company has painted (exteriors only). Then, take a drive to see the houses in person.
  • Ask for a lookbook that shows interior shots of the homes in your neighborhood.
  • Photos and reviews – Scour the web
  • Ask your agent for photos of homes that have been painted by trusted contractors.

Get a contract and ask for a guarantee.

When you hire the right painters, you must have a formal agreement in place. Contracts protect both you and your contractor and guarantee that you receive exactly what you pay for.

The following must be included in your contract:

  • The cost of the job
  • The type of paint to be used, down to the shade. This will ensure that there are no surprises later.
  • How long will it take to complete the job
  • a supplies list

You should include the number of drop cloths, brushes, paint gallons, scaffolding, and cleaning materials in your supplies list (such as a pressure washer).

The contract should also outline the prep work that the painting crew will do. This includes tape, drop cloths, and power washing.

It is important to include the expected cleaning procedures. To ensure that paint does not get on your home, the painters must cover it with drop cloths. If the painters make an error and paint chips or wet paint ends up where they shouldn’t outline what you want to happen. It is also important to include instructions for how painters should dispose of their materials.

Although it might seem like a lot, the contract must also specify how the painters will be painting your home. Do they spray it, or will they use paint brushes and rollers to paint the house?

Last but not least, ensure that the contract includes some type of guarantee. The painters should be able to fix any problems with the painting within a reasonable time.