How to place a microwave for space-saving and seamless aesthetics in the kitchen

It would be best if you decided where you would place your microwave in the kitchen to make it easy to use without taking up too much space.

You will be grateful for the time you spent thinking about small details, such as where you want to place your appliances when you are planning your kitchen design ideas. Moving your microwave can make your counters and your kitchen more useful for everyone.

Take advice from the kitchen design experts below. There are many options to eliminate unsightly cords or avoid hazards.

Homes & GardensDiscover the experts’ advice on how to clean a microwave and rid it of debris, splashes, and lingering odors.

Experts Offer Advice on Microwave Installation

The ideal place for your microwave depends on how your kitchen work zone flows. She places her microwaves away from areas with high traffic, like the range and sink. It is safer to put them in a different location, and it makes the kitchen more accessible for multiple people.


They prefer a cleaner look to their kitchen, storing small appliances. The clients choose a clean look in their kitchens, and Trudi Smith is an interior designer in Upstate New York. She

Trudi suggests placing the microwave below the counter or at the end of It’s a good idea to build your microwave into your cabinet.

Trudi SmithTrudi Smith, a certified interior designer who studied architecture, is an expert in kitchens and bathrooms, creating balance and functionality.

In a Drawer

Maia Roffey is the director. They are mounted under the counter, and as the name suggests, they

They free up counter space, and my clients have said that they find the units are much more expensive than standard microwaves, so you may


Mai Roffey says, “I place a microwave that has This puts it near food storage to defrost and reheat. It makes sense to place your microwave close to your fridge. This will

Maia adds, “If you’re considering a wall, She suggests that you feel the height of each member of your family when

Consider mounting your microwave so that when your children are old enough, they

In the Pantry

This will keep the clutter out of your main kitchen and create an extension. It keeps clutter out of your main kitchen and gives you an extra

Trudi suggests that if you have a microwave, Consult the appliance’s specifications to determine space requirements and ventilation. She adds that your electrician can guide you with local regulations.

On a Rolling Cart

No pantry space? Wayfair offers a kitchen cart. You can find aesthetically pleasing kitchen carts that will fit in with Store cookbooks and food containers beneath the shelves of your microwave. They are convenient to store and transport. It is easier to clean a microwave if it’s kept out in the open.

The cart has two storage cabinets with doors at the bottom and a drawer that slides out from the top. Two of the wheels are lockable and rotate 360 degrees.


The appliance storage trend was big last year. They could be the key to a clutter-free, minimalist kitchen. The best way to store frequently used appliances, such as your best espresso maker or toaster, is behind a hidden door.

Sarah Walker, a kitchen design expert, says that they are often hidden behind folding or pocket doors. These can be left open while the microwave is being used without infringing on the room.


Choose a top-mounted oven that offers a variety of cooking options, including convection, microwaves, speed cookers, warming, and air fryers. This will save you space. The top toaster ovens can be a great addition to your kitchen and replace the toaster or air fryer.