Indoor plant stand

If you’re a gardener or a fan of ferns, or just a fan of succulents, likely, you’re still taking care of your indoor plants–giving your beloved greenies an indoor plant display here and a vase of blossoming blooms there. A little more than two years later, we’re still to be on the lookout to help you get the most out of the plant craze which brought joy to our hearts (and wallets) in the midst of the pandemic, and we’ve covered everything from how to get the most effective house plants as well as biophilia. It’s more enjoyable to enjoy sitting in the shade or in front of your A.C. when your bookcases, tabletops, bookshelves, and other furniture are decorated with lush greenery.

Instead of the traditional structures for displaying plants, designers have pun–sprouted stunning, contemporary plant stands that not just house your plants but also serve as a focal point for the room.

The great thing about this is that they are able to fit almost any place, even if you reside in a tiny space and are seeking an opportunity to lighten small spaces. For bathrooms, corner plant stands are an excellent option to incorporate some greenery. You also will also enjoy some fresh air. Plant stands made of wood are rustproof choices that aren’t affected by humidity and add a natural aspect to the room. If you’re looking to bring some freshness to the office, choose a hanger plant or tiered plant stand that could also be used to store books or files, as well as other items. Hanging plants are among the top indoor plants and are extremely low-maintenance.

Be aware that you can include various sizes of succulents and smaller plants to add a touch of elegance to windowsills or at your table. Below, we’ve collected some of the top plant stands to make your home appear more natural and lively.

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Glencoe Reversible White Metal Planters

The planters are constructed of iron and are finished with an attractive white paint. They feature a unique design that is asymmetrical and is available in 2 sizes, which match the other. However, one pot can easily make an impact by itself.

Flora Bunda 5 Inch Neutral TERRAZZO Planter

The terrazzo pot can add an industrial touch to any decor, and the plant stand made of wood gives it a natural contrast. Although it’s small (a tiny five inches) however, it is an attractive place to keep the succulents, as well as other smaller plants, while standing on its own.

Odella Reversible Plant Stand

It’s a great match for midcentury-modern design; this reversible cage-style plant stand’s black nickel and stainless steel gets new luster when it is filled with plants. The planter can be turned in any way you’d like: This stand can be used in any way and stands 36 inches high.

Natural Woven Footed Basket

For a boho-chic home, or when you’ve created the perfect space to match the style of your home, you require this bamboo plant stand, which has solid wooden legs. It’s perfect for an open window and is available in four different sizes (small, large, medium large, and even extra-large). You can purchase it online via EcoVibe, which is a Portland, Oregon, boutique that supports small-scale makers and local designers.

Roman Pillar Stand

Get out on a limb with us: The pedestals can be used are also used as stand-ins for plants. This charming little plinth inspired by Romans made by Canadian company Viridi (which can be described as Latin for”green”) is bound to be an eye-catching addition to your home.

Eitan Round Pedestal Plant Stand

Get ready to have a blast with your little greenies-a disco ball, which is. Get a dose of Studio 54 energy and give your favorite diva plant the perfect stage on which to shine.

There’s nothing quite like an old-fashioned style, and this adorable wooden stand from IKEA costs under $20 which means you can purchase one for every plant without spending a fortune.

Dania Stool – Teak

Choose something more durable, like our teak step stool that we believe would be a great place to put your pots with the most weight.

Celeste Plant Stand

With a trendy blush pink hue and available in two heights: 24.75 or 29 inches–the iron planter pots sit on top of a retro base consisting of six spindles.

iittala Nappula Plant Pot

The pot is adorned with a deep emerald green or brown, beige or white. Available in three sizes: small (nine inches high), large (10.25 inches high), or large (12.5 inches tall)–the ceramic pot’s curving lines bring a modern look to your home. It was developed in Thailand. The two varieties measure six inches wide.