Loft bed with desk

Do you need to maximize your space? A loft bed may be the solution you’re looking for. These loft bed ideas will inspire you with our wide range of styles, features, and options. They can help you make the most out of your small bedroom, office, or storage area.

What is a loft bed?

Although bunk and loft beds may look similar, the two are different. Loft beds are elevated with an open floor underneath, allowing for more floor space. Bunk beds are made up of one-bed frame on top of another. They can accommodate two mattresses but only take up the length of one.

Work from bed

Use the extra space beneath your loft bed to create a study or work area at home. With our selection of loft beds with desks, you can make the workspace of your dreams, even if space is limited. Combine it with an ergonomic office chair for maximum productivity. Place the bed close to an outlet so that you can plug in your laptop. This is an excellent example of loft bed designs for adults that will help you make the most out of working from home.

Create Storage Opportunities

Loft bed ideas can increase your closet space by utilizing additional storage underneath your bed. The storage beneath a loft can range from stylish shelves to a sturdy dresser. Play around with this idea if you need more space to store personal items, clothes, or anything else. You’ll be sleeping peacefully in your space-saving bunk bed in no time!

Elevate your bedroom decor (literally)

For a stylish loft bed, the best decorating ideas include the lower lounge/desk/storage space and the upper portion of the bed. Above, the loft bedroom is decorated with fun abstract prints at the bed’s level and a wall sconce to personalize the upper part of the loft bed. This look can be recreated in any way you want. Use matching wall sconces for the upper portion of the loft bed or a wall tapestry.

Prioritize Under-Loft Seating

Think about loft bed designs incorporating under-bed seating, like the fun bench above—the ultimate lounge area to relax, work, or study. You can incorporate bars and seating options if you measure the site to determine the right size. If you have a small space, consider putting a love seat and an under loft bed to maximize your living room’s size. For a living room that saves space, consider placing a loveseat and a coffee table under the loft bed!

Climb Into Bed

The ladder to most loft beds is usually either detachable or built-in. This lofted-bed idea is an easy way to climb into bed each evening. Straight ladders are more economical and save space. Angled ladders provide more safety. This ladder loft bed has rungs that are securely fastened. You can climb safely up to your bed using the rungs and decorate your walls with novelty lights.

Or, you can opt for stairs

It’s only for some to climb a ladder, especially if you have nervous little ones. Choose sturdy built-in steps to help your kids feel confident climbing into their loft beds. The stairs will also make it easier to change linens. Many loft bed stairs have built-in drawers or storage cubbies that help maximize your storage space.

Add Decorative Curtains

Loft bed designs that include curtains will inspire you. Bed canopies are a great way to add fun and style while providing privacy. They’re perfect for shared rooms or dorms. The bottom of the loft bed has a tent-like cover in many fabulous designs, including playhouses. Add curtains to the bottom of loft beds for adults to create a study or lounge area.

Read in Style

Keep a small library under your bed to make it easier to take your favorite book to bed. You can easily access your favorite books with a loft bed and bookcase—no need to purchase or install additional furniture. Fill in the gaps between shelves with decorative bookends and woven baskets to add extra storage.

Keep things open with a platform design

Platform-style loft beds with low profiles and guardrails will keep your bedroom airy and open, allowing you to take advantage of the natural light. This loft bed is just the right height to accommodate a desk and drawers. For the best results, look for low-height loft beds with storage.

Create a Cozy Built-In Vibe

A solid-frame bunk bed with storage drawers, an integrated desk, and stairs will give you a built-in look. Even in shared areas, a loft setup can be cozy and private. Thanks to the built-in aesthetic, the loft bed’s bottom section can be decorated and lit up to your liking.

Slide out of bed

It’s a very literal translation! Who wouldn’t like to glide into their day? This fun loft bed design makes mornings more manageable. It is the ideal loft bed for children, as you will never wake up on the wrong side. The slide can be detachable or built-in. Built-in slides are more secure. Your child can remove detachable drops if they no longer wish to use them.

Protect Your Sleep

A guardrail will help you sleep soundly, as it provides additional safety. It doesn’t matter who uses the loft. This is an excellent way for everyone to feel safe while getting used to the new elevated mattress. Most guardrails can be removed when no longer required.

Make It Modern

Choose a metal bunk bed for an industrial look if you like the modern aesthetic. These sleek, contemporary lines make it stylish to sleep in the loft. The robust, long-lasting material requires little maintenance and is resistant to wear and tear. This frame is so durable that even your pets won’t be able to damage it! To soften the look, use a geometric wallpaper pattern or light colors.

Get Natural with Wood

Why not bring some of the outdoors inside if you live in an urban apartment with limited access to nature? The organic feel of wood will add warmth and richness to your bedroom. You will love this durable material’s warm, cozy feel. Combine classic wood designs and rustic wall art for a genuine cabin feeling.