Paved backyard ideas

Backyard paving can be used to create pathways and outdoor living areas. It’s long-lasting and, in many cases, very easy to maintain. This makes it ideal for a beautiful grill area, sunbathing areas near your pool, or a solid base under an entertainment zone.

Paving is famous because of its functional advantages and can be a great way to add style to your backyard. There are many styles available, from sleek porcelain to natural stones. Whatever your design scheme, you’ll find a paver to fit in.

There is also the option of making your paving into a design feature. Consider interesting patterns, striking contrasts, or modern designs. Our guide is full of ideas to help you create various styles.

Use Pavers to Create a Geometric Pattern

Paving can give a small courtyard an edge. Combine a black and white color scheme with a geometric pattern in a bold two-toned palette. The final look is both playful and on-trend.

Combine with raised bed and wraparound benches to create a cozy sunken seating area. If you keep them subdued, textiles or other materials will not overshadow the flooring.

A living wall or many foliage plants will soften hard edges and add a touch of nature to the space.

A canopy overhead can be a great finishing touch, as it protects you from midday sun rays and increases the feeling of privacy.

Sleek Pavers Allow You To Link Levels

Surfacedesign, Inc., a landscape architecture and urban planning firm in San Francisco, California, is an award-winning company. Michal has helped to expand the portfolio of projects for Surface design. Her design process is influenced by her interest in horticulture and the didactic potential of landscapes. Michal has managed multiple complex projects, from residential to campus and public open spaces networks, incorporating salvaged elements to contribute to the sustainability of the built environment.

This San Francisco backyard design combines a tapestry of soft planting with sleek strips of limestone pavers. Hardscaping is broken up by ground-cover plants, which help it blend in with its lush surroundings.

The staircase is also made of limestone pavers to tie the two levels together. The slightly staggered design lends an informal, playful touch.

Michal Kapitulnik explains, ‘ Boulders were split and carved into the sculptural stone bench which nestled into the planting to frame a secluded sitting area on the lower terrace.’ These benches are the ideal way to highlight the naturalistic feel of the space.

Soften Hardscaping with Flowers

Holly, a former professional gardener who grew allotments, now writes about outdoor living, gardens, and plants for Homes & Gardens. She is particularly interested in contemporary backyards combining sculptural elements, exciting materials, and bold color schemes with soft tapestries.

This was one of my favorite plots at Hampton Court Garden Festival 2022. It was a beautiful combination of accessibility, modern design, and cottage garden appeal.

The reclaimed pavers were laid out to make way for a row of Erigeron, a perennial self-seeding plant producing froth pinkish-white flowers. The Erigeron flowers were beautiful, softening hardscaping and complementing the pastel color scheme.

Interspersing pavers in this manner with low-growing flowers will also attract bees and butterflies, adding extra color and life to the space.

You can use pared-back paving to show off your plantings

Pavers can be used to create a minimalist look, allowing the plants to take center stage. This scheme from GardenArt Group (opens in a new tab) uses slabs to create seating and a path beneath a Pergola. They contrast nicely with large beds of ornamental Grass.

The Japanese maple adds color to the scene with its vibrant red tones. The sculptural effect of round planters and the stepping stone detail complete the look.

Make a functional base for your family yard

Create subtle levels connected by shallow steps to make the most of a large plot, especially if the slope is gentle.

The same kind of backyard paving can be used throughout the yard to create a flow from one zone to the next. The overall appearance will be informal, warm, and friendly if you use a variety of slabs that are slightly different in size but have soft complementary colors.

The half walls create a more distinct divide between the areas. Matching the brickwork to the rises of the steps makes an instant sense of harmony.

Add a Design Element to the Courtyard with a Contemporary Courtyard

Experimenting with patterns is a great creative way to use backyard pavers. Although it may not be your first thought when planning your paving designs, habits can make a big difference in the final look.

You can choose from several classic designs, such as the stretcher bond with a uniform and clean aesthetic. Basketweave works best with clay bricks for romantic, informal plots. Herringbone is a durable, long-lasting design for contemporary and traditional stories.

This contemporary backyard from Living Gardens (opens in a new tab) makes a statement with its bright white grout and small gray pavers. This is a great way to draw attention without overwhelming the surrounding area. I love how the succulents blurred the line between the slabs and the central coffee table, adding a fresh pop of green.

Combining Pavers with Woodland Planting

This design will make you reconsider if you previously thought pavers were unsuitable for organic landscaping.

Its wild, overgrown nature adds to its appeal. Michal Kapitulnik, Surfacedesign’s designer, explains that reclaimed granite pavers were seeded with wildflowers from local areas to create an abundant and vibrant garden.