Simple Tips for Home Staging

Preparing your home will help you attract potential buyers and get the highest possible price. For professional advice on staging your home, see our guide.

Home staging is a practice that allows you to prepare your house to attract the most potential buyers and to get the best price.

How Important is it to Stage a House?

It began in Sweden, where it is called home styling, and quickly spread to other countries. Why? It works because it works! According to Realtor.

What is the cost of professional home staging?

However, professional home staging can be expensive. You will pay $300 to $600 for an initial consultation and up to $600 per month for each staged space. Many pros require a three-month contract even if the house is sold the day it goes on sale.

Deploy Depersonalization

Take yourself out of your home if you want potential buyers to picture themselves happily ever after in it. Take away all photos of family members, mementos and travel souvenirs, knickknacks, and favorite media (books, movies, etc.).

Reduce clutter

Ward recommends that you box up all your possessions and depersonalize them to create a clean, orderly environment. You can go further and throw away junk mail. Keep surfaces clear of keys, purses, and other items. Also, empty junk drawers. House hunters will likely open cabinets. Do not store items in your closets. They will look smaller if they are cluttered.

Repair Problems

Every part of the house should work flawlessly. It would help if you fixed creaky floors and stuck drawers, stubborn doors, torn screens, stained surfaces, or other damage you haven’t noticed. The house must be thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. Don’t forget baseboards and ceiling fans. Pay particular attention to spots that may be soiled if you have pets.

Paint in Neutral Hues

The best home staging project you can undertake is painting. Soft staging, which is the process of preparing an empty house for sale, is often necessary. Other soft staging elements include window treatments and rugs.

Find a Balance

While a staged home shouldn’t reflect your taste, it shouldn’t be bland. Ward says, “Aim to achieve casual sophistication.” Ward says the house should be simple enough to allow buyers to see themselves and their children living there. But they are sophisticated enough to make it feel like they have friends.

Know your Buyers

Professional home stagers have the skills and training of interior designers and a deep understanding of the local real estate market. They know what buyers want.

Don’t just research the price of houses in your area, but also who they are sold to. Ward explains that stagings are interior marketing strategies specifically designed to attract the targeted buyer. According to Ward, younger buyers want a home that looks like it’s in a magazine. It should have clean lines and a modern feel.