Small bedroom ideas offer space and style

There’s nothing more literal, as many small space residents know well than a Bedroom. It is a room that has your bed and very little else. You can squeeze a nightstand into the 12-inch gap between the mattress and the wall. You may have upgraded from a twin to a larger bed, which gives the room a new, wall-to-wall bounce. Some designers do not see a small sleeping area as a problem. They even embrace it. Designer Michelle R. Smith says, “I prefer small bedrooms over large ones.” “[My son] Bash won’t sleep in his room because it’s ‘too big.’

Smith’s beautiful New Orleans residence, featured in ELLE DECOR’s latest Designers at Home magazine, believes that small bedrooms offer unique creative opportunities. They are similar to a powder bathroom. The more busy, the better. She asks, “If you have crisp, white walls, how does it differ from a wardrobe?” Citing a guest bedroom with a lot of patterns in Chloe Sevigny, she cites this as her favorite inspiration. “Striped Wallpaper creates height and enhances the cocoon effect. Floral wallpaper achieves the same result. Sheer curtains, instead of lined or blackout, keep the room airy. Smith also suggests sconces instead of lamps and leaving space for side tables. You only need to make room for your phone and water.

Want proof? Explore the 90 small bedroom designs from the ELLE DECO archive. These rooms will teach you how to create the illusion that the space is more significant, distract the eye from the cramped mess, or embrace living in small quarters. This proves you can live in a small area and still dream big.

Use a STRIPED Wallpaper

Vertical stripes can create the illusion that a space is taller. Designer Michelle R. Smith used a Lewis & Wood classic blue stripe to cover the walls of a guest room in her New Orleans. A plush quilt in blue velvet and vintage artwork give the space a cozy feel.


We are mainly obsessed with this wild cheetah-print look, a data-vars-ga-call-to-action= “courtesy designer Lori Deeds” data-vars-ga-outbound-link=”” data-vars-ga-ux-e This rugged cheetah print look, by designer Lori Deeds is our favorite. The classic Les Touches design by Bruschwig & Fil adds Palm Beach glamour in a surprisingly neutral way.

Pick Pretty Sconces

Elegance is the key to this Lindsay Stall Falconer beautiful New York City bedroom. She added antique sconces to her grays, whites, and blushes palette in classic fabrics.

Choose A Fun Headboard

Augusta Hoffman, a neutral mastermind, added some fun details to the bachelorette pad of her clients. This included a trefoil-shaped headboard — a bold move for such a small area. The mini floating nightstand is also a favorite. It saves space while adding lightness.


Eric Allart decorated this Parisian home with quirky architecture that proves it’s centuries old. Allart’s block-printed fabrics and aqua tones give this garret room a lot of personalities.


You can make your cave-like bedroom chic. Le Whit designed this bedroom that is enveloping. The designers used Sherwin Williams’s Naval on the walls and covered the bed with a Zak+Fox wine-colored fabric.

Pitch a Tent!

Veere Grenney’s tents are the perfect place to clamp. In this London Townhouse, the decorator wrapped a combined dressing and nap room in a striped Le Gracieux fabric, creating height while leaving a sleeping person covered in style.

Make Your Headboard Work

We love this vibrant idea in the Los Angeles home of a data-vars-ga-call to action= “Mara Brock Akil,” data vars ga -outbound link= “ brock akil – los angeles home/” This vibrant idea is in the Los Angeles house of Mara Brock Akil, designed by Tiffany Howell. This blue velvet bed features a nightstand and lighting with plenty of ’70s glam.


Elena Reygadas, a Mexican star chef, has a tiny sleeping area, but it is filled with light and high ceilings. Reygadas’s grandmother’s pale blue Chippendale-style bed adds vintage romance to the room without being too overpowering.

Pile your pillows

If space is limited, make sure you maximize your bed. In a Rome apartment designed by Alvisi Kirimoto, the design duo piled pillows from Vox Populi on top of an antique bed. Maarten Baas’s squiggly nightstand is a space-saving solution.


Why not create an entire room within a bedroom with a four-poster? Tatyana Miron Ahlers’ Manhattan pad features a barley twist version.


Built-in beds, as we reported earlier, are enjoying a moment. These cute compartments are also space-saving thanks to their integrated storage. Dorothy Berwin commissioned Studio AKTE to design this custom-made children’s nook for her Manhattan home.

Find a space where you can

You might have a small bedroom, but does your footprint compare to this Lighthouse? Designer Sally Mackereth chose to work with the building’s unique geometries rather than fighting them. She tucked a bedroom under a spiral staircase. The design is a ship-shape.

Work Your Angles

As shown by this cozy Connecticut Colonial renovated by Ryan Lawson, an attic doesn’t have to be dreary. The designer placed the bed beneath the slanted roof. He also arranged a grouping of lush plants to avoid bumps on the head.


It’s a headboard that we love. This custom-designed bed by Cochineal is one of our favorites. This headboard gives this Manhattan Bedroom a new, wavy feel and directs the eye toward the window.

Curate your gallery

The tiny bungalow at Palm Beach is only 800 square feet. But that didn’t deter architect Lee F. Mindel, who maximized the space in the bedroom. This all-white painting creates a sense of spaciousness, while the antique watercolors draw your eyes up and around the area.


This burled Art Deco-style piece is in designer Augusta Hoffman’s apartment. This burled Art Deco piece is a favorite in designer Augusta Hoffman’s East Village apartment.