Small laundry ideas

Choose Materials Wisely

Tile Heidi Caillier laid an angular brown and white pattern that speaks to the marble countertops’ beautiful veining.

Consider Location

The candy-colored pendants and gingham cafe curtains are lovely, as is the prim wallpaper, including the blue floral pattern seen in the mirror. The beautiful details of this Anna Spiro laundry room are not the only thing to be admired. The laundry room has a terrace to air-dry your freshly washed linens. Brick floors are durable and age well, so residents don’t need to be precious.

Install a drying rack above the sink

Sarah Solis designed the hanging drying racks. The hanging drying racks were designed by Sarah Solis and kept items out of sight. (We love This one by deVOL Kitchens!) (We love a data-vars-ga-call-to-action=”this one” data-vars-ga-outbound-link=”” data-vars-ga-ux-element=”Hyperlink” href=””

Add a Shelf

Add an extended shelf to your laundry machine if you cannot install it under a built-in countertop or behind a closed cabinet door. The frame in this laundry room, designed by Toledo Geller, hides the machines and provides a surface to work on.

Share Closet Space

David Kaihoi, a designer from New York City, used clever storage solutions to transform his apartment into a home. He even created this small laundry “room” within his closet. This way, the appliances can be hidden away when he is not doing laundry.

Use frosted or fluted glass doors

In a small laundry room, Dee Murphy concealed unsightly items behind a fluted glass cabinet door. This material not only hides hideous things, but it also occupies less space than painted wood cabinet doors.

Protect Your Pets

If you already have a flat surface for folding laundry, consider placing your machines in an elevated built-in platform to give your back a break from unnecessary bending. Annie Selke also incorporated plenty of cozy nooks for her pets to relax in this laundry room.

Ditch Lower Cabinets

Here’s another substantial pet-friendly laundry room. Designer Emilie Munroe sourced the chic food and water bowl drawer and the orb bed from Meyou Paris. And, instead of building in cabinets below the worktop, she left the room to store an old-fashioned rolling laundry bin.

Get Creative

This small laundry room designed by Gail Davis is bursting with personality, from the colorful wallpaper to the framed artwork, blue trim, and striped penny tile floors. And you don’t need to build custom cabinets and shelves to have different surfaces for folding. Just slide in a lucite side chair! They take up virtually zero visual real estates.

Double Your Load

If you have a large home–or family–consider doubling your machine count so you can buy back some of your time. In this perfectly preppy laundry room designed by Mark D. Sikes, the many shades of blue provide a pleasant distraction from the extra appliances.

Embrace Matching Finishes

This neutral-toned laundry room designed by Gil Schafer exudes English-country timelessness, from the exposed hinges and farmhouse sink to the traditional flush mounts. Though it isn’t visible from the kitchen, the cabinetry mimics that of the kitchen for a consistent look in the home.

Put In a Cabinet

Designers Andrew and Yvonne Pojanni tucked a washer and dryer behind closed doors in their bathroom; the cabinets are painted the same color as the walls to help the storage blend in. If your appliances are front-load style, this is a great way to hide them in plain sight in exposed spaces and open floor plans. Guests will never guess this is where you spend your time on laundry day.

Make It Feel Special

“I wanted it to feel like our grandparents’ homes,” Lauren Atkins told designer April Tomlin of her design objective when redecorating the family home she shared with her husband, Thomas Rhett, and their three children. “Their homes inspired us to build a home for our family and friends,” she added. And that ethos is applied even in the laundry room. Tomlin opted for a vintage-looking sink with an old-fashioned skirt and a retro-inspired laundry cart. These small touches make chores feel unique and connected–folding someone else’s clothes is an act of love, after all!

Bulk Purchases

The laundry room by April Tomlin Interiors has many lessons to teach, but the most important is right here in this small nook: buy in bulk! Buying bulk laundry detergents and cleaning products is a great way to save money if you can afford them.

Conjure up the Past

The traditional simplicity of this laundry room by Plain English Kitchens always stays in style. It may look old-fashioned, but it is equipped with all the latest amenities. A single scalloped pendant lights the room, and the butcherblock countertops are a durable surface. Brass faucets dress up rust-toned paint.