Small Living Room Ideas With Dining Tables That Have Big Style

The fact that your living space isn’t ample doesn’t mean it’s impossible to incorporate a dining table into the mix. Small-sized people living in apartments have mastered making nooks perfect for eating and socializing. Here are 20 of our most loved tiny living spaces with table tops for dining. Perhaps you want to purchase a bistro-style table for just one or two guests. You may also want an option that can seat more guests. Whatever the case, these ideas will help you incorporate tables into your tiny space elegantly and efficiently.

Go Monochrome

If you aren’t looking for your dining table to take up a lot of space in your living room, choose a material or color that is in harmony with your furniture. This will ensure that it won’t appear too prominently. This white-painted bistro table blends nicely. It’s almost in place, yet it serves its role.

Maximize Window Views

If you have a vast bay, hall window, or series of glass windows within your living space, this could be a great place to set up tables. Its low height won’t stop sunlight from entering and will let you enjoy the view from outside as you take a cup of coffee in the morning.

Curl Up With a Book

A table in front of the bookshelf is a good idea as well. It can encourage you to read an enjoyable read while you dine on your own or take a lunch break. It’s even possible to imagine yourself sitting in your coffee shop.

Cozy Up Your Space

If you’re concerned about your table appearing harsh compared to the furniture in your living room, consider putting a cozy cushion on those dining chairs by covering them with sheepskin. This easy, inexpensive hack can instantly soften the nook.

Design a Joint Bar and Dining Setup

Placing your dining table next to the tables or bar cart allows easy entertaining. When guests visit, inform them they can have any time they’d like.

Opt for Pieces That Complement Your Existing Furniture

Be sure your dining set pick will complement the decor of your living room. In this room, an all-black table and a set of chairs look great, with the high dark bookshelf with picture frames behind it.

Set Up a Table for Two

A compact bistro table can be an excellent alternative for those who live in a single home, don’t eat out at home often, or do not have a lot of space. Set up two chairs to ensure you can invite a guest at times.

If the dining table is a workspace during the day, you should set it up for maximum efficiency. It is essential to ensure that the workspace is free of distractions and located in a place that inspires tranquility. In this area, a lamp above the table allows you to read and work even when the weather is dreary.

Incorporate Chic Accents

Make your table a focal point with various accessories and decorative pieces. These brass candle holders match the frames for pictures, lamps, and lighting fixtures. There is no way to be wrong with freshly cut floral arrangements in a traditional vase. Additionally, the pink spiral candles add some fun.

Opt for Extra Seating

If you’re looking to host a party that is essential to you, note that many smaller tables can accommodate up to four chairs. This setup illustrates that you don’t require much space for a dinner party.

Pull Up a Chair

The Parker the Parker The Parker, these dining chairs are set up perfectly to allow guests sitting at tables to converse with other guests in the living space. The seating capacity for your guests is always a challenge; therefore, creative layout ideas like these are always helpful.

Maximize Your Entryway

Set up your table in the foyer lets it serve as a console table that can be used for keys and mail. Make sure you clean it up after each day so that you can be seated and eat comfortably.

Divide and Conquer

Consider splitting your living room to ensure you can use one portion as a mini-dining room. You will likely need a smaller space than you imagine for your couch and coffee table. So, you can effortlessly take advantage of the most of both.

Scatter Your Living Room Accents

The cozy dining space is adorned with a couch ladder and a round mirror, and a table lamp that can help bridge the gap between the living area and dining area.

Have Fun With your Favorite Colors and Materials

Pick a table and chair set that appeals to you. Do you want to have a bit of play with marble and pink, for instance? It’s not necessary that today’s tables need to be overly serious. You can style the table using the funkiest vase or fresh flowers.

Utilize your couch to separate the living space of your home from your dining space. In this instance, the sofa is set to make it easy to watch TV and sit, and the dining table is in an additional section.

Work a Credenza Into the mix.

To ensure that your dining space will blend well with your living area, create a credenza using accessories that reflect your style. The accessories don’t need to be dining-related. A vase, bookcase, and table lamps are perfect for a table.

Try This Open Floor Plan Trick

This is an additional example of the dining table set behind a sofa. It can help to divide this space’s open floor layout. The table has two chairs and an ottoman cushioned like a sofa.

Bridge a Gap

Another example of an open floor layout includes a kitchen and living room mix. A table between the two areas will make the two spaces appear more unified.