Small side table

Every living room should have at least one side table beside the coffee table. This additional surface is perfect for storing drinks, snacks, and books. It’s more than just functional. End table decor is a great way to make a statement, add color, or create visual interest.

What should you place on your end table? There are many options, but here are some tips and ideas to help you choose and decorate a side table.

The Best Side Table and End Table Decorations

Despite its small size, it can be challenging to decorate an end table. You’ve found the right place if you want more curated ideas than you can see by scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest.

Here are side table designs for every home style, size, and budget.

Cordless Indoor Lantern

Layered lighting creates a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere. Consider a cordless indoor lamp for your end table decor if you need another light in your living room but are worried about the cord clutter. A battery powers this minimalist-modern lamp with a frosted glass shade to provide filtered lighting. The handle is made of wood and matches the side table perfectly.

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Rule of Three

The rule of three is based on the design theory that triangles attract the eye. Three objects should be grouped. If you want to place more than three objects, ensure it is an odd number. This home has organic elements all over. The theme is carried over to the end table, which features a small potted plant, wicker lamps, and glazed ceramic containers.

Layered Illumination

Layered illumination is the key to creating a cozy atmosphere in your living room. You can decorate your end tables with a traditional lamp and a scented candle. The light is a great alternative when you need reading or overhead lighting. The candle will create a flickering, adequate flow.

Greenery with an Aromatherapy Bonus

Some of the most creative side table designs are simple. A vase of eucalyptus is displayed on a round metal table in this living room. Eucalyptus is not only a beautiful green accent, but it also has aromatherapy benefits. The leafy branches will last for up to 8 weeks.

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Color-Coordinated Books

A colorful bookshelf can be a lovely way to color-coordinate your books. Select a few titles that complement your neutral living room. If the spines don’t match, you can still remove the sleeves to reveal white, black, or grey bindings.

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Assorted End Table Decor

You may need to experiment with different arrangements to find the best one. Consider buying decorative dice, a marble board for tic-tac-toe, books on coffee tables, small plants, and nesting bowls. Create different groupings and see which ones work best on your end or coffee table.

Reading Essentials

A side table is an excellent option for those who spend a lot of time reading in their living room. It can store all necessary items, such as your glasses, magazines, books, or even a docking station for your tablet or e-reader.

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Classy Coasters

The coasters on the side tables are a great functional and decorative idea. You can stack them, place them in a particular container or spread them on different surfaces. They will add a stylish touch to your furnishings while protecting them from condensation rings.

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Catchall Trays and Coffee Table Books

Catchall trays are a great addition to end tables. These containers are great for holding everything from reading glasses, extra matches, phone chargers, and remote controls. They also make your room look neater and more organized.

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Traditional But Fresh

This round end table is decorated with a small vase of fresh flowers. It resembles 19th-century European furniture with its carved mahogany and curved legs. The traditional design nods at the grandmother style of coastal furniture but is kept fresh by velvet upholstery in grassy green.

Neutral Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are great for saving space. They can be placed side-by-side, apart, or tucked into each other. This end table decor is made from oak wood and has a neutral, pared-down look.

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Porcelain Oil Dispenser

An essential oil diffuser will fill your room with the aromatherapy mist you choose. It can be used as home décor, just like fragranced candles. This porcelain side table is 7 inches high and over 3 inches wide. This is the perfect size to use as an end table.

Rustic Reclaimed Trunks

You can create end tables out of reclaimed trunks if you are a DIY enthusiast and love rustic decor. The antique brass hardware and a weathered finish give the boxes a worn-in look. They also provide additional storage.

Functional Conversation Piece

You don’t need to add decor when the table is an eye-catching conversation piece. This eye-catching sculpture is neutral in color, but it looks like an elephant holding a tray of drinks.

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Novelties, Knickknacks, and Containers

Create your side table with decorative novelty items, containers, and knickknacks. You can use anything from small wooden boxes to lidded trays, mini sculptures, and driftwood. Stick to the three-rule for best results.