The play room

It is a great idea to create a space for kids to let their imaginations and interests run wild. This is beneficial for both parents and children. You can transform any space, from an alcove on the main floor to a finished attic, into a playroom where your children will spend hours.

These fun, stylish playrooms are perfect for children of all ages. They will remind you of your childhood and inspire you to create one of your own.

On Trend

This stylish and comfortable playroom by Studio Life/Style will appeal to kids of any age. It features a cognac leather sofa, Moroccan-style rug, industrial-style chairs, and wallpaper shaped like a giant blackboard.


This Park Slope townhouse by Elizabeth Roberts Architects features a large playroom nook with built-in shelves to store books and toys. It also has a wall-mounted whiteboard and plenty of space for kids to run around.

City Slick

This multifunctional room from Sissy + Marley’s interior design features a house-shaped armoire for storage, a clear floor area for play, and an oversized couch for the adults to enjoy after the children have gone to bed.

Pink Flamingo

The playroom of Georgia Zikas Design features bright colors, whimsy and fun. It all starts with the pink flamingo mascot toy that holds the court at the center of this room.

Green Wall

The interior designer, Lisa Gilmore of Lisa Gilmore Designs, brought the outdoors into this playroom. It features a faux-green wall and an indoor glider perfect for rainy days.

Boho Style

This bright, airy playroom by Tracy Lynn Studio features muted colors, custom-built storage, and boho touches, such as a miniature rattan chair around the communal table.

Rainbow Colors

The interior designer Rosanna Basford from Eggshell Homes installed wall-mounted acrylic shelves that make a rainbow-colored collection of books and toys appear to float.

Scandi Style

This Scandi-inspired playroom by Emily Henderson features a play kitchen in a bay filled with lightly decorated garlands. A retro-style mural, a plush carpet, and a drawing table create a calming atmosphere.

Urban Escape

The playroom nook in this Tribeca, NYC, playroom from Chango & Co. features a teepee for hiding, whimsical wallpaper, a drawing table, and a floor covered with soft rugs.

Danish Modern

Interior designer Jannicke RAMSO, a Norwegian born in Las Vegas and of tiny little pads, added vintage furniture and touches of color to this bright and airy room.


The charming Connecticut playroom by Becca Interiors features a wall of shelves for toys and video games. There is also a window for reading and a table and chairs with modern Danish chairs to create art. On the floor, two bean bag chairs can be used for bonding between siblings or friends. The wall hooks are hung at a kid-friendly height to allow for spontaneous role-play.

Big Apple

This multifunctional, spacious playroom by Chango & Co. features colorful wallpaper, plenty of floor space for playing games, a neon yellow bentwood art table, and a long banquette to read and hang out.


The playroom of interior designer Maite Granda includes a handpainted mural, a whimsical crystal chandelier, and a storybook-style reading nook.

This attic playroom by Mel Bean Interiors features a hanging rattan hammock covered in shiplap from floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall carpet for a soft landing.

Music Room

This Calimia Homes playroom has music, a ball, and a ball game. It’s perfect for older children who like to make noise and move around.


This playroom by Calimia Homes features wrap-around built-ins that include open and closed shelves to provide plenty of storage for toys, games, and other items.

Attic Getaway

This secret attic room from Emily Henderson Design has a skylight to provide light and is filled with toys that will keep kids entertained for hours.

Colorful Graphics

This colorful playroom by JLA Design features a children’s table and comfortable seating for parents who wish to supervise.

Vintage Touches

This playroom is from Mindy Gayer Design Co. A round table for kids, and Scandi chairs are provided for art-making. A series of framed cork boards on the wall creates a constantly changing display. The vintage-style daybed is a great place to relax.

Climbing Wall

This playroom is designed by Emily Henderson Design and features a mini-rock climbing wall to help kids burn off energy. The staircase niches are filled with soft toys and throw pillows to help children relax.

Scandi Noir

The basement playroom in black and white Scandi style from Maison Elli features a sizeable lounging space with both closed and open storage, which is sophisticated enough to be enjoyed by parents during the evenings.

DIY Rainbow Wall

Blogger Laura Gummerman of A beautiful mess created a corner rainbow DIY in pastel colors for the wall. She also added plants to give it a more natural look.