These Five Redwood-Wrapped Homes Exude a Warm Welcome

There’s something special about Redwood’s deep brown color, which instantly gives off a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

But don’t let the tranquil exterior make you believe Redwood is one of the most robust and flexible building materials. It doesn’t matter if you’re building an outdoor deck or pergola or adding a touch of elegance to the exterior of your house. These projects show Redwood’s lightness that can withstand the wear and tear of time.

This Overhauled 1960s Ranch House Connects a Family to the California Countryside

The moment Tim and Flin McDonald decided to move with their two kids to a more rural location within Northern California, the land, not the house, piqued their curiosity. Despite the hillside views surrounding it, the initial home was tiny, with only a few windows, and had no access to the outside. McDonald’s decided to work with San, the city-based Lundberg Design, to open up views and promote circulation throughout and around the house. By swapping stucco for Redwood for the exterior, Lundberg transformed this Bay Area rancher from dull and dark to bright and light.

This Redwood-Clad Mountain Home Embraces the Warmth of Wood at Every Turn

Finding the perfect balance between cozy and spaciousness isn’t simple for the modern mountain house. However, with the proper natural materials, plenty of room, and the feeling, the place shouldn’t be mutually distinct. For instance, this mountainside home of 10,538 square feet in Monument, Colorado, is the home of a lively family of five children and is surrounded by Redwood inside and out.

A Three-Level Redwood Deck Spurs a Spellbinding Link to Nature Near Cascade Bay

The main components are glass, wood, and stone. The striking home is at the end of a tranquil area on Harrison Lake, located at the northernmost point of the Cascade Peninsula, just two hours east of Vancouver. To help foster a closer connection to the natural world, the present owners, who purchased the property in 2019, renovated the deck area that was initially constructed using sustainable Redwood. They are adding additional space of 1,200 square feet that are spread across three levels.

This Stunning Redwood Pergola Brings Classic Charm to Its Hollywood Hills Home

After it was bought by its current owners in 2013, the ranch-style home, which was tucked into the Hollywood Hills, needed a significant amount of renovation. The family spent time renovating the interiors, and in 2017they, they decided to tackle one last project to replace the pergola surrounding the courtyard’s exterior. The structure was not just a part of the house’s Spanish aesthetic but supported two 60-year-old trumpet vines that grew in a lush cover over the area. The homeowners wanted to make the courtyard — and its dazzling, lush baldachin a centerpiece of the home. The homeowners began modernizing the structure with an enduring natural material like Redwood.

An Elegant Redwood Deck Transforms the Exterior of a ’70s Home

When Orlando’s parents purchased their house in California in 1977, it’s safe to claim that interior designers hated the deck affixed to the outside. The deck before it had an uncoated roof made of metal, which was degraded and made the area underneath it dark and unattractive. Soria developed a more modern two-story redwood structure with an upper deck and a lower dining room, resulting in various outdoor spaces for families to enjoy.