Top Tips for Your Kitchen Remodel

From plumbing to lighting, you need to be aware of this before beginning your latest update. Text by Mandi Keighran Presented by Rejuvenation View 6 Photos

A kitchen could be among the most enjoyable and acclaimed home improvements and one of the most effective methods to boost the value of your home. It doesn’t matter if you’re considering an entire renovation or just a simple update, as well as determining your kitchen needs and what you want to do with your home. You must carefully choose the items you will install into it.

To learn more about the best ways to make your kitchen remodel more efficient, we spoke to Evan Dublin, vice president, and creative director at Rejuvenation, to gain his insider knowledge on what makes a fantastic kitchen. Based in Portland, Oregon, Rejuvenation was established in 1977 as an architectural salvage lighting, hardware, and shop. Dublin’s team now produces top-quality, period-inspired lighting and hardware and has designed a complete line of furniture, plumbing, rugs, and other items for the house.

Start With Lighting

The kitchen has Rejuvenation’s brand-new Allenglade chandeliers and pendants to make a bold statement with lighting. The design follows what’s known as the “rule of three,” which suggests that three pendant lights provide a sense of balance when evenly distributed on a large island. The oil-rubbed bronze look of the lighting is in harmony with the finishes on Poetto faucets and the Rye counterstools to create an industrial, unified look across the entire.

Layers of Light

If your home is like ours, you spend much of your time in the kitchen, so choosing the proper lighting is essential. “Good kitchen lighting begins with overhead fixtures that reinforce natural light–think everything from statement pendants that play with scale to more discrete flush or semi-flush fittings,” says Dublin. “It’s important to have multiple layers of lighting to create ambiance and functionally illuminate specific zones.”

Illuminate Your Island

It is among the most challenging surfaces to work on that you can find in your home. It is used for prepping for cooking, cooking, or even hosting. It is, therefore, essential to light it suitably. Lighting fixtures such as chandeliers and pendants are great for illuminating the entire room; still, they also offer diverse effects based on their material.. Glass or linen shades produce more ambient light, and shadows made of metal like Rejuvenation’s spun brass Ormandy can focus the morning on a particular region.

Dublin recommends placing light fixtures 30 to 36 inches above your counter. Make sure they’re centered on the countertop, and if you hang more than one pendant, 24-30 inches is the best distance between the pendants to ensure that lighting is evenly spread.

If you choose a mix of finishes, Dublin suggests selecting a single style for an element that stands out, such as pendants that hang over the kitchen island, and a different one for smaller pieces like shelves, cabinet hardware, and railings. In this case, Ormandy pendants and a Blair faucet are aged brass. This contrasts with the bronze-colored oil-rubbed of furniture hardware like cabinet shelves and pot racks.

Tip: Remember the Rule of Three. Three pendants will appear balanced if they are evenly spread out to fill the width of a more oversized island, but you could also utilize two pendants for smaller spaces.

Have Fun With Hardware

Hardware is akin to jewelry for your home; it gives a unique accent. To create a harmonious look, choose to make sure you match the finish of your hardware to the finish of your lighting fixtures or mix different finishes to create an eclectic style. According to Dublin Brass Tone, brass shades add warmth, while oil-rubbed bronze gives the impression of precision, like polished chrome and nickel. These are timeless finishes that provide a modern, sleek design.

You can mix and match pulls and knobs with different sizes to match your drawers and cabinetry sizes. Rejuvenation’s top-selling collections of hardware are available in 8- and 10-inch lengths. As Dublin says, “Using an oversized pull on a cabinet always makes a bold statement.”

“Personally, I love mixing finishes–but there needs to be a strategy, a balance to the mix. For example, choose one finish for your hardware and plumbing and a second for your lighting.” –Evan Dublin

Rejuvenation has collections that employ the same style and finishes for lighting plumbing, hardware, and lighting to give you the ability to achieve a consistent look for your home. This kitchen features Blair chandeliers and sconces combined with Blair shelves, cabinet hardware, and Blair faucets to create a modern kitchen featuring strikingly geometric components inspired by industrial design from the 1940s.