What color cabinets will make your kitchen appear larger? Seven space-enhancing colors

There are many kitchen color ideas to help make a small space look larger or reflect natural and artificial lighting. A well-chosen color scheme will do wonders to make small kitchens look larger. The right room color, on the other hand, can create the warmth and coziness you want in your kitchen.

You’ll naturally want to choose kitchen cabinet paint colors that you will be happy with for some time to come. You may also wish to take into account the space-enhancing and decorative power of each color. A specialist finish or decorative effects are the best way to expand a smaller room visually.

What Color Cabinets Make a Kitchen Look Bigger?

Small Kitchens are limited in size but can be large in style. We’ve curated our favorite colors to make your kitchen appear larger. Paint tricks for Small Rooms will help you transform that tiny, awkward room into something functional and sophisticated, no matter its size or shape.

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This bestselling book will teach you how to incorporate color into kitchen design. You’ll find practical advice and hundreds of pictures of colorful kitchens that will inspire you to remodel your kitchen.


Tom Edmonds is the design director at Lewis Alderson & Co. He says that a bold color for your kitchen can be a fun way to add some life and excitement to a pantry. Sunny tones can be used for a vibrant, happy feel.

Yellow is the color of optimism. It’s at the lighter end of the spectrum. Yellow can be both mellow and inspiring. It can bring us back to lazy days spent in the Mediterranean sun and brighten up a small space. The color is a perfect match for blues and teals. It also looks great with greens and reds. For a crisp, clean look, use white.

Mike Fisher, the founder of Studio Indigo, says that ‘Yellow Kitchens are great in spaces with a south-facing aspect, where they transform the air into a tangible and edible substance, while they can also add a cheerful feeling on a dull, rainy day.


This kitchen designed by DesignSpace London is cohesive thanks to the use of the same metallic color on the cabinetry and the backsplash.

Metal kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen appear larger. They can also save you paint and look good. Metals and mirror finishes can make small kitchens appear larger. But if you use a cabinet that extends the entire length of the kitchen, the effect is even more dramatic.

Richard Atkins, managing director of Atkins Group, says that the metallic surfaces are made from sheet aluminum and have a patinated dust bronze finish. It is available in large sheets to avoid unsightly joints.


White is one of the most versatile colors in design. It instantly adds to the feeling of space and calmness while also evoking flawlessness.

Ben Hawkswell is a senior designer at Roundhouse. He says that most homeowners understand the importance of testing paint colors in situ. However, whites can be affected by light and shade to an extent beyond recognition.

Tanya Smith Shiflett is the owner of Unique Kitchens & Baths, and she has a wealth of knowledge in the art of color mixing. The three-toned design, which Alison Giese created in collaboration with the interior designer, creates contrast and allows the island and cabinets to stand out. To elongate the space and make it appear larger, we selected a brighter, painted finish for the perimeter cabinets. The kitchen islands were given a dramatic, enticing, and captivating finish. Tanya says that we chose a piece of furniture made from stained oak to add warmth and visual interest.

Tanya always believed the kitchen was the heart of a home. She is passionate about finding the perfect balance between function and beauty for rooms that we use daily. She began working part-time for her husband’s construction company while she was working full-time as a medical sales representative. She was promoted to founder of Unique Kitchens & Baths because she had an innate talent for creating beautiful kitchens.


Mark Mills is the managing director at Mereway. He says that using pale colors to brighten up a long and narrow kitchen helps diffuse and reflect the natural light.

It would be best if you chose blues with grey or yellow undertones. Purples with red undertones tend to be moodier than bright. Think sky blues, soft teals, and duck eggs.

The polished countertops and backsplashes, in the same pale shades, will also reflect light and increase space. Choose dark flooring and warm white for the walls and ceilings. This graduated transition from dark to lighter is a tried and true way to square off elongated spaces.