What is the best color to paint my kitchen cabinets? 

A change in cabinet color is an easy way to create a big impact on your kitchen. Which is the best color to paint your cabinets in your kitchen, according to designers?

According to research conducted by cabinetry company Plain & Fancy, white is the most popular color for kitchen cabinets among homeowners. The sage-green craze that has been sweeping the nation for the past few years is finally on its way out. Interior designers and realtors back these findings. While neutrals continue to be the most popular choice, Blue Kitchen Ideas have remained popular for decades.

We asked five interior designers about their kitchen trends predictions and the colors they prefer for this most-used room of your house. Read on to find out the top four kitchen cabinet colors for 2023, regardless of whether you want a new look or a bolder statement.

What is the best color to paint kitchen cabinets?

Lucy Searle is the Editor-in-Chief of Homes & Gardens. She says: “When choosing kitchen colour ideas my advice would be to pick a color for your cabinetry that will not date and can be easily redecorated around.”

Homes & GardensWondering which items are making your spaces look smaller? Professional organizers recommend that you start by focusing on these items. If you want to enhance small room ideas, then it might be tempting to use space-stretching colors, create visual illusions using mirrors, or hang light-enhancing window coverings to create an illusion of space. While these tricks are undoubtedly important, your choice of items in the room is equally impactful. These items aren’t always big pieces of furniture. They can be small but still significant. For example, wooden coat hangers and card game packaging.

Cabinetry is more difficult to paint to match your mood than walls. The best colors for kitchen cabinets are usually neutral.


Longevity: How quickly will your color choice date? Will future buyers like it?

Easy color schemes: How easy is it for you to redecorate, or will it limit your options?

Room orientation: rooms facing east or north are best suited to warmer colors, while rooms facing south and west can be cooler.

Choose kitchen colors that maximize the daylight.

Room Size: lighter colors will make a smaller kitchen appear larger, while darker colors make any kitchen seem smaller. This can be an advantage in large areas where you wish to feel more cozy.


White cabinets are the best way to create a spacious and light kitchen, especially if you have limited space or natural light.

White paint is not only a good choice for smaller kitchens but also a timeless neutral that appeals to buyers. Homes & Gardens Editor-in-Chief says, “After all, the kitchen can make or break a sale.”

She concludes that ‘white works especially well in rooms with warm natural daylight,’ which is south and west-facing spaces.

Marian Meacham is a Houston-based interior designer who founded Marian Louise Designs. She says that white kitchen designs should not be all white.

Mimi suggests investing in dramatic ideas for kitchen countertops instead of going with a white palette. Marian recommends a variety of materials, including artificial composites with layers of earthy, warm colors.

She says that bright clay, cement, or porcelain tiles can be used to give a modern touch to an all-white scheme.

The Lick’s white 07 matte paint color is one of the best choices for white paint. You can buy it here.

Lucy Searle began writing about interiors, gardens, and property in women’s magazines before moving to interiors titles only by the mid-1990s. Lucy Searle was appointed Global editor-in-chief of Realhomes.com in 2018, transforming the website from a magazine add-on into a global hit. She was then asked to replicate that success with Homes & Gardens magazine, the UK’s oldest magazine on interiors, at 103 years old. Lucy is also a serial renovator and owns rental property in the UK and Europe. She brings a wealth of first-hand experience to her subjects.


If you want a neutral but do not like the starkness and coldness of white, DATE Interiors designer Molly Torres-Portnof recommends a warm beige or off-white.

She explains that this color family is timeless and warm and goes well with stone and tile.

“Cream Kitchen Ideas” are perfect for anyone who wants a white kitchen but has a room that faces north or east, where it will be cold with pure white,” says Lucy Searle. Decorating in beige is a shade that is slightly darker than cream.

To keep the balance of colors, I’d use beige with pale counters, where cream is suitable.

Off-white, the color chosen by Behr as its color of 2023, is a great choice for a cream/beige that can be used with modern kitchens or traditional ideas for kitchens.