Where to Put a TV in the Bedroom: 8 Ideas and Tips

A TV in the bedroom can be debated because most people like watching their favorite shows in the comfort of their beds; however, they may be unable to integrate televisions into their rooms’ arrangement. Consider a few crucial aspects before deciding whether to install the TV in your bedroom, and these suggestions for how to place the TV.

What to Consider When Putting a TV in the Bedroom

Before putting a television where it will fit in your room, it is essential to consider the ease with which it can be seen from different angles. If you plan to enjoy TV while you sleep, ensure that you put it in a place where it is easy to view when lying down, for example, on a wall at the end of the bed or on a dresser nearby. If you only have a tiny space for seating inside your bed, you might want to position it within the range of view of your preferred chair. If you choose to place it where you want it, ensure that the television’s center is at eye level with the desired viewing location.

Another factor to be considered is the glare that windows can cause. It is recommended not to put a television right in front of or in the opposite direction of a sunny window. If it is placed near a window could cause strain on the eyes because of the light that comes into it. Contrarily when it is placed directly in front of the window can cause a glare to the screen.

Mounted on the Wall

One of the most straightforward choices for putting a TV in a bedroom is to place your TV on the wall. By doing this, flat surfaces remain clutter-free, resulting in a clean visual appearance.

To truly enhance the look of a wall-mounted TV, integrate it into a highlight wall. Accent lighting can make the design appear more attractive. Design. Because the TV functions as the room’s focal point, making sure your background looks visually appealing is crucial to making the structure appear logical.

Treat It Like a Painting

Certain smart TVs come with the ability to show artwork even when they’re not in use. This is an excellent solution for people who want to have a TV but not it being a prominent aspect in their room. Just hang the TV wherever you place a piece of art or a painting to display.

Center It on a Dresser

A prominent location to set up a TV inside a bedroom would be either on the top of a dresser or hanging over it. It’s a good location since many bedrooms already have a dresser and this big piece of furniture gives plenty of solid and flat space to put the TV. If you mount it on the wall, place it over the dresser. It creates an attractive focal point while freeing the dresser’s surface.

Incorporate It Into a Gallery Wall

Integrating the television into the display wall allows you to spread the focus on other artworks and photos. This stops the TV from taking over the fence and reduces its appearance. For instance, adding an LCD screen to the gallery with images or photographs in black and white will help soften the black screen even when turned off and let it be more natural in the space.

Place It Near a Sitting Area

Apart from putting it close to the bed, on an armoire, and the TV stand, Televisions can be positioned near armchairs or even small areas of seating, which may be in the bedroom. This is ideal for creating a place for relaxing or a comfortable space to relax in without the need to go to bed.

Keep It Out of Sight

For those who love the idea of having a TV in the bedroom, but aren’t as thrilled with its appearance, consider placing it away from the area of view from the entranceway. When you walk by or into the space, your TV isn’t the first thing you notice.

Based on the layout of your room, This could mean putting it in a corner or even on the opposite side of a taller dresser. Be sure that wherever the TV is positioned, it can be in its intended viewing position.

Hide It in a Cabinet or Armoire

Another popular option for those who want to conceal the TV in the daytime is to put it in an armoire or cabinet. In this way, the armoire doors could be closed when the TV does not need to be used, thereby keeping the screen from view. Specific cabinets come with a vast open space specifically designed to accommodate televisions.

Place It on Built-In Shelving

If you’ve got built-in shelves inside your home, it is a great location to put a TV. You can incorporate it with other decor items, including books, plants, and vases. This will make the appearance of the TV appear natural. If you want, windows or sliding doors could be installed to conceal the screen when it is not in use.