Wooden panels for walls

Wood paneling is a popular choice for wood paneling. It has a negative image, but we believe it’s undervalued when adding texture and charm to your Wall. There are few ways to transform an entire bathroom or bedroom more quickly than the wood-paneled accent wall. What if there’s a space with wooden paneling that you’ve thought of changing? These gorgeous and contemporary ideas might make you think twice about Wall painting over that ’70s paneling and will have you searching for an entire bucket of paint instead.

For accent walls or Wall–to–wall paneling, Here are a few of our top wood paneling designs that are contemporary, fresh, and ideal for any space within your home.

Paint it White

Do you already have wood paneling that requires an update? Applying one gallon of paint is the most effective way to freshen it. Choose a crisp white color and then cover the walls with a shiplap-inspired makeover. This design is an excellent match for various decor styles, but we believe it’s the ideal choice for a country chic or a vintage-inspired house.

Decorate an Island

This gorgeous, moody kitchen was full of personality, so it was essential that the countertop centerpiece had to make an impact against other elements of the room. The wood panels on the island add an interesting texture that assists in making the countertop stand out against the dark cabinets.

Paint it Pink

There are a few things the addition of a splash of pink won’t enhance. This charming and comfy bookshelf is painted with a warm pink shade that emits massive cottage feelings.

Think about straying away from white and paint your paneling with a striking color that will attract attention and help your panel work for an artful accent on your Wall.

Consider the 5th Wall

Don’t neglect your ceiling. Wood-paneled ceilings are an excellent way to give your living area a rustic vibe and a classy touch. The wood panels and warm wood beams give the space a modern farmhouse look.

If you have acoustic or popcorn panels ceiling tiles, wood-paneled ones can be an excellent option to hide an ugly ceiling to give it a modern style.

Frame Your Fireplace

The Fireplace is the center of your living area, and decorative panels that extend from floor to ceiling can enhance your living space. If you have tall ceilings, wooden panels can be a great way to fill the space and make it exciting.

Improve Your Mudroom

Your room for mud is among the areas that are most frequently used in your home, and you must give it the same importance as all the other rooms within your home. Think about creating a wall using simple beads to revamp your entryway or mudroom and a place to park for guests’ items.

Keep it Neutral

Although we love the feel and the interest that wood paneling brings to space, however, for some, it might not be enough for a tiny space. If you’re worried that paneling could dominate your area, keep the colors minimalist with white, clean accents.

DIY a Built-In

A built-in cabinet can transform a space and give it a luxurious look. You can make the design by using floating shelves and wooden paneling to build a bookcase or desk to work from home. Paint it with mint green paint for an accent of color.

Upgrade a Powder Room

You’re mistaken if you believe there’s nothing you can do with the tiny powder room. Install horizontal panels in an intimate bathroom to add lots of character and give illusions of space.

Take a Rustic Approach

The wood paneling does not have to be painted. Few things are as vital of a statement in design as the ceiling paneled with beams that are exposed, as well; when the wood’s natural beauty shines through, you can create a gorgeous rustic look in your room.

Decorate Behind the Bed

What areas do they share between your bedroom, the television, and your sofa? They’re all challenging to decorate. If you’re struggling to figure out what to do with that awkward room behind your bedroom, you might want to consider the modern wooden paneled Wall.

Lean Into the Retro Look

Exposed wood paneling may indeed look a bit 1970s. But when you have the proper accessories, you can truly embrace that retro-inspired look. Select retro-inspired shades like gold or mustard, and then visit your nearby flea market to transform your living space into a ’70s-inspired makeover.

Transform Your Entryway

If you do not have a formal entrance, it is possible to define the space by creating an accent wall that will make it appear purposeful and distinct from other areas of your home. Make it look natural to create an edgy mid-century look.

Go for Wood and Navy

Navy blue is one of the colors that go with any decor style. We love the color when coupled with natural wood. You can pair wooden paneling with navy cabinets to create a luxurious kitchen full of character.

Go for a Geometric Look

Wood paneling doesn’t need always be vertical. You can opt for an edgier, more geometric look for your paneling. Paint it with a subtle blush to give it a pop of color that’s not excessive for a minimalist room.

Go for Earthy Colors

Beadboard panels add a lot of style to a bathroom. However, it is possible to change it without sacrificing the classic appearance. Opt for subtle, earthy colors that add a bit of interest without appearing too contemporary and unnatural.

Keep It Natural

Unfinished, natural wood that feels comfortable and warm. Think about hanging unfinished wood planks behind the couch or in the entranceway to give your room an inviting, Scandi-like feel.

Paint It Pink

Step one: Make a wall made of battens and boards. Step two: Choose the ideal color, which is pink. Third step: Redesign your entire bedroom throughout the afternoon.

Go Narrower

If large wood planks aren’t your style, consider going smaller. A more narrow paneling design can appear contemporary and visually appealing. It is a great way to create a clear line between areas in an open-plan home, creating light and air.