8 Questions to Ask a House Painter

You want to be confident in hiring the right person whether you are looking for a house painters in Auckland for Interior or Exterior painting.

These 8 questions should be answered by any good house painter. It’s worth not taking a chance and risking disappointment if they don’t answer these 8 questions.

These are the key questions you should ask a house painters:

1. Are you licensed?

2. Are you covered?

3. What amount of experience do you have?

4. What services are you offering?

5. What safety measures are in place?

6. What will you do to protect my home?

7. Which paint brands do you use?

8. What is included in my quote

Continue reading to learn why these questions about house painting are so important.

Are you a licensed painter of houses?

A license is not required to paint residential or commercial in Australia, unlike other professions. The requirements vary depending on the job you are doing and where you live.

  • New South Wales: A license is required for all jobs exceeding $1000
  • Queensland – Any painting job exceeding $3300 must be completed by a licensed painter
  • South Australia – House painters must have a Painting or Decorating license
  • Painting jobs exceeding $1000 in Western Australia require a painters license
  • Victoria, Tasmania, and ACT – No specific license is required

Even though a house-painting contractor doesn’t have to be licensed at all, it is important that they have a business license and evidence of competence such as membership in a professional association like the Master Painters Association.

Are you covered?

You should have insurance for your house painter to cover any damage they cause to your home. This will also protect you if someone is hurt while you are working.

To ensure that their insurance is current, ask for a copy. It can be costly to allow an uninsured trader to work on your premises.

What experience do you have in house painting?

It is important to feel confident that the house painter will do the job according to your expectations. You can ask for references or examples of previous work to give you some assurance.

A professional painter will show you pictures of their previous work and give you references from customers who are satisfied with the job. If you want to feel confident that your home is safe, it’s worth following up with them.

What house painting services are you offering?

A good painter should be capable of completing all kinds of residential painting jobs. They should also be able explain what they will be doing and why.

It could be that the quote is lower than the other because the painter has skipped some steps. If you are unsure whether your painter will prepare the surface to paint, then paint two coats of the desired colour. (Or three top coats, if painting a new surface)

What safety measures are in place?

You should make sure that your house painter is fully aware of any potential safety hazards when painting your home.

Lead paint is a common problem in older homes across Australia. It is important to remove this lead paint with care and use protective equipment. Not all painters have the same experience.

It is imperative to inform painters if there are any concerns about lead paint or other hazardous substances in your home before you submit a request for a quote. Otherwise, you could put your family and others at risk.

What will you do to protect my home?

You’ll want to be able to rest assured that your house painter will protect your home and furniture while they are painting.

You should ask them if they will move your furniture or cover it with plastic. Also, inquire about how they intend to protect your plants. Reputable painters will know they have a duty to take care of your property and home.

Which paint brands do you use?

It is easy to gauge the professionalism and standard of a house-painting professional by looking at what kind of paint they use, and whether it is a good match for you home.

They may use a lower-quality product or a cheaper one to indicate they aren’t concerned about the quality of their work.

What is included in my quote for a house painter?

Many factors contribute to the house paint cost. Your quote should include all costs so that you know exactly what you will be spending. Ask the house painter to provide an itemized quote.

The quote should include details about the amount of paint required and the various painting tasks that are included. For example, your window trim will require a glossier finish than you walls and may need a different colour.

Before you hire a painting contractor, make sure you have a written quote that includes all areas. You should get everything you paid for in their quote and contract. This will ensure that you are hiring a reliable house painter.