How to Embrace English Cottage Style at Home

The dreamy English cottage style of decor is instantly calm and inviting, whether it’s the feeling of warmth or the zany feel of the room. Something about the rustic design invites you to snuggle into a cozy book and relax.

Fortunately for city residents and urban dwellers, the English cottage look isn’t only reserved for rural roads or curated Instagram feeds. Living in the English cottage look in the comfort of your home is easier than you’d believe.

Find professional advice on bringing an element of the warm country style into your home.

Meet the expert

Liberty Riggs-Nichols is the Founder and Lead Designer at Studio Riggs in Flower Mound, Texas.

Richard Petrie is the Lead Interior Expert at Thomas Sanderson in The United Kingdom.

Remember Not to Make Everything Too Perfect

“English homes have history and are usually pieced together with items found and inherited,” Liberty Riggs-Nichols, the Founder and Director of Design for Studio Riggs. This is great when you’ve been keeping pieces of furniture or decorations from your family, but it is also easily replicated by visiting the local thrift store or antique store.

Comfort Is King

The most comfortable furniture will be your best option regarding English style and to give a cozy feeling of what the English countryside is famous for. “Although you won’t see a La-Z-Boy in the classic English cottage, you will see pieces that are comfortable and casual,” says Riggs Nichols. “Whether that’s a slipcovered sofa or a cozy rolled-arm accent chair.”

Embrace a Little Quirkiness

“In America we tend to take ourselves a little more seriously than our self-deprecating cousins across the pond,” Riggs-Nichols explains. “I think one of the reasons English design is having such a moment right now is that it’s not afraid to be a little playful and weird.” Accepting the odd can be a challenge for those who aren’t comfortable with allowing a bit of weirdness to show up in your interior. Still, it can be easier once you tap on themes or topics you’re naturally attracted by.

Don’t Overlook Plants and Flowers

Many people believe that the interior is more important. However, there are many ways you can improve the exterior of your home for it to have an English look and look. Simple changes could include adding a stone pathway  in your gardenand beautiful green plants in your garden.

Warm to Patterns and Colors

The English cottage style is based on bright and playful shades, especially in the realm of textiles and wall treatments, as explained by Richard Petrie, Interior Expert at Thomas Sanderson. Instead of rearranging your home by introducing a variety of patterns immediately begin by creating the statement wall or acquiring slipcovers and moving from there.

Consider Adding Mirrors–Strategically

The traditional English cottages are typically bright and airy. Whether you’re dealing with huge windows or a smaller area, consider the placement of a mirror next to your windows to create the illusion of more illumination in the space. Be sure to play around with the order of your mirror to ensure you get the most beautiful views!

Embrace Whimsical DIY Projects

Simple DIY projects can be eco-friendly methods of adding some style to your living space without spending a lot of money on new things. They can also be ideal for creating the feeling of homely English charm. Simple things like changing knobs on doors and wardrobes with vintage-style ones and making wooden storage baskets can also contribute to the authenticity of a cottage.

Create Your Art Gallery

Another way to create an atmosphere of English tranquility in your home is to curate your collection of prints and fine art collection. You can consider buying second-hand oil paintings (you are likely to buy them for a reasonable price at second-hand stores!) or consider investing in top-quality reproductions or prints of your favorite images.

Foster a Love of Literature

Traditional English cottages are filled with bookcases, shelves, and many books eager to be read. If you’re looking to create the same cozy atmosphere in your home, think about making a comfortable reading area in the space in the bed or adding a small bookcase to your sitting space and your living area.

A Cozy Kitchen Is Key

Modern kitchens are now standard across North America, but a cozy cooking area is more welcoming. It is also critical to get a traditional English cottage style. Furniture that isn’t matched, open shelves with vibrant enamelware and deep Belfast sinks, and hanging pans and pots are just a few of the elements that make an English cottage kitchen feel warm.